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listen so blue Beetles the first Latino superhero leads and natural Libre but it’s also like the generic superhero movie number 206. it’s crazy to think that at one point this was going to go straight to HBO Max and I HBO Max doesn’t even exist but if you remember they were supposed to be other streaming movies that they were working on like that Batgirl movie that they completely filmed and then just shelved for tax reasons and then they even had a Wonder Twins movie where neither of them got to be upset so I’m surprised this one snuck through and didn’t get iced but if you so goofy when it comes to the marketing that they even forgot to post up tickets for the Dolby Theaters until the day prior to the release like I don’t know if they still wanted to extend Barbie but then they remember that nobody at

blue beetle movie in kuttymovies

WB knows what they’re doing so they’re just gonna release that one at home even though it made a billion bucks overall it follows that formula of bringing in a new director who adds their cultural spice while the studio controls the same generic story and honestly I’m convinced that the only reason they don’t change some of the Spanish stuff is because it wasn’t translated for them and that’s why certain jokes will hit with Latinos more which I believe is what WB is trying to market for but like I went to the seven o’clock show and open at night and it was empty so y’all should have told them it was at five honestly at this point tell them to get a private theater special buy any tickets get the whole room free if you don’t like superhero movies I don’t think this one’s gonna change your mind and in terms of superhero origins I’d put it in the same tier list as these right here if you haven’t burned out by them yet I personally think it does have a soundtrack that goes crazy inside jokes that got me to laugh out loud but it is a superhero who ironically is facing more things outside side of the movie than it is in it let me explain you are a

blue beetle full movie netflix

superhero cabron so our lead here is named Jaime Reyes played by the one and only compakai and right off the bat this movie is Mexican Mexican like we got a lead named sholo the hero gets healed by vaporu George Lopez pulls up in a Tacoma playing La Chona and they had Latinos behind the camera yelling action and could no way see way literally the way we meet the family is playing in the background and I was surprised with how well they messed with each other because it turns out that the actors didn’t even meet till like a week before filming on top of that this is one of those movies where as much as I like the lead he’s the follower bro like homie is good and I think he’s way better than he was in his Netflix show but his family took the film from him and that’s just the fact like Jaime can be the glue but they’re the Arts and Crafts of the project and that’s kind of the point I’ve been hearing a lot of people complain about that but you can’t have a movie that’s all about family and then not include the family in there

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especially because we can’t Pedro Parker the family’s gonna find out good luck keeping a secret from Latino it could be whatever but at the end of the day you still have a song right yes you’re still gonna bully you doesn’t matter how much world you’re saving right like my mom is my biggest bully now one of the comics I’m is from El Paso they recently created Palmera which is like every Latino City combined just just put into a letter it’s got the population of L.A at the look of Miami yeah when you go to where they live it looks like El Pueblo Jaime’s just gotten back from school where he was studying pre-law at Gotham law which is one of the big DC Easter eggs alongside the Daily Planet newspapers you can even see the Lex core but nice chemical buildings on the skyline but if you look closely the biggest hidden secret is what timeline this movie’s in Hyman returns without a job that at least has less debt than WB and still they show this family who’s on the verge of losing their house tip in 25 for a round of Estrellas not even

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Modelo Jaime promises the sister that he’s gonna get them out of the slums only to then go to scraping gum but for a very rich lady that’s when we meet Victoria cord who is the bad Lady of the movie with her Hillary Fitz who’s taking over the family company and rebooted this old program where she’s going through every single Island in search of this Blue Beetle that’s going to help power her military weapons because you know it’s a comic book movie and super soldiers the first one that she makes is her bodyguard called karapegs who doesn’t even get a backstory revealed in the last 15 minutes of the movie so his character is done dirty in several ways but the only reason he ends up becoming this cyborg security is because Court Industries went to his home country to like go through all the resources and train up all the kids to be Soldiers with the movie even comparing them and flashing the real life School of the Americas who committed so many human rights violations in real life that they just changed their

blue beetle full movie in hindi dailymotion

name to Western Hemisphere Institute for security cooperation we’ve seen a flashback that one of cord’s weapons blew up in his home so he kind of had that Wanda moment killing his family and then leading his broken body to be repaired by courts Tech to make him her bodyguard so pretty much this lady literally weaponized his trauma it is interesting to note that originally the director went in to pitch a bane movie because that might still come let me take what I loved about Bane about the backstory that I wanted to explore and let’s give it to car packs because part of the idea was that maybe chiroprax and Bane came from the same place oh okay interesting maybe but as now carapax was the one to send them to the Mayans Victoria ends up finding the blue Scarab that she needs to sell her weapons but keeps getting backlash by her niece Jenny whose father used to run the company until he mysteriously disappeared now Jenny tours for charity which causes her aunt to always argue with her and in the middle of cleaning their house Jaime catches them fighting leading him to stand up for Jenny faster than Forest that leads to him getting offered a job on his first day which just so happens to be Jenny’s last day because this girl was somehow stealing the Blue Beetle from this high security lab and then gives it to Jaime to sneak out so before he even becomes a Blue Beetle this boy was a mule but do not open it to think this kid got a law degree and now he’s just stuck working Pro boner for Jenny now a little history of the Blue Beetle is that it goes back to the intro where you see these ancient markings where they showed old civil realizations were ruling with it on their back but we also know that there’s

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been three blue beetles especially in the comics the first is Dan Garrett the archaeologist who founded and used it until he died the second is that missing Ted cord who used to run the company but he was never able to attach the beetle to himself but you know he was rich enough to create all of his own gadgets and he took the mantle now it’s chosen Jaime and his family I think he likes me what’s crazy about the Scarab is that it’s supposed to come from an alien Society known as The Rage that sends this thing out to go take over World by going into a human and then pretty much pulling a predator killing everything at its sight but there’s a bit in the intro where a green thing kind of like a lantern hits it causing it to glitch before landing on Earth so we’ll see if that ever sees light a day that said the transformation scene is probably the best part this movie was shot by Powell who shot all of the ariaster movies so there’s like this horror element to it where it’s going inside of him it’s burning through his skin as it covers his face all his clothes burn off as the arms Evil Dead him to the roof and there’s even this crazy reflection image that was a dope shot and an even Doper sweater honestly it comes off as a full-on possession with a father nuestro and everything all over Chente we wanted to do kernberg for the family my one issue would be that it’s supposed to be this mythical

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thing from nature but it’s kind of like Tony Stark’s Sue in a robotic Jarvis to the point that they even mentioned later on that things rebooting itself and I know that it calls itself kajida and can even translate every language for him but for whatever reason it’s voiced by a distorted Becky G yet this boy never talks to it like if you’ve seen movies like upgrade or Venom they’re always having this back and forth right but here this kid will go around for scenes looking for answers and never talking to the voice inside his head he doesn’t end up getting a really cool VR POV when he’s got the helmet on and it made everything look like it was an old school arcade video game he’s even got these powers that give him like Mega Man Hands he can fly he’s bulletproof his arms can change into whatever he wants like it’s track Zone and because the director and cholo are big fans of manga they’ll match a lot of weapons when they’re creating them and even have this guy yelling more than a cartoon character so I guess you can say they had a lot of anime shout outs and Anime shout outs but that is practicality was actually more than just worrying the joints and the movements the cakes and the breathability all those things were needed to be considered in order for us to use the suit 100 of the time so while you’re looking in camera for the most part I’ll say like 95 of it is practical soon there is also a cool shout out to Guillermo de todo’s Chronos from the Grandma’s watching TV and that Steele’s first movie where a dude also finds a gold Beetle that pierces the skin and gives him these powers and just what happens to be


an HBO another thing that’s on the TV is the candle scene from Macario which comes back for a major death later which I thought was neat but she’s also playing Don Francisco it’s just that nobody told me this Man’s real name was Mario krutzberger [Music] hey I’m figuring out what to do with the Blue Beetle George Lopez comes in and just takes second villain as that crazy uncle that everyone has and if you don’t know what it is it’s probably because it’s you now I I can see it going one in two ways one comic book movies do need to let comedians do their thing especially when it comes to the jokes but two Ain’t No Way in how you’re expecting me to believe he can hack into a corporation that’s so powerful they’re kicking him out of his own house you’re a genius what I know what I say now I know he’s trying to replace being the guy in the chair with being the deal in the truck but they really get silly with his chapulin Nintendo where yeah it’s the first Latino superhero who is also based off a colored bug but this dude created in his basement an interference machine that can mess up the security of one of the biggest tech companies out there like look I know it’s really underwritten but I’m assuming that it’s supposed to be a parallel with Jenny where she has an aunt who doesn’t know Tech but does run the biggest company but also despises her niece whereas George is poor

but somehow like Steve Wozniak with tech with his nephew Jaime being the most important part for him that’s why when Hyman fights carapacks to stop these injustices George just skirts in whipping his antenna at the guy who had no helmet but somehow still survives the one thing I really liked about the IMX though if you got to see it in there was that it wasn’t just use for the action scenes but there was a lot of intimate ones where he’ll be talking to his dad or uncle and I thought that it was really cool that they would give those moments of advice between family a little more importance and have them be you know just full up on the screen but there’s also the problem that if you didn’t see it in IMAX some jokes do get cut off like George signing the cross when the possession is happening which you can’t see because this big head puts it out of the frame Jaime also ends up naked after every uh transition but luckily his family has enough San Marcos blankets to cover up his chorizo I’ve seen worse where you don’t want to know yeah even when he’s on fire his Steel’s always going to roast it more Jenny then takes them to their father’s secret lair where he has all of the previous super suits and gadgets for when he was Blue Beetle and we keep seeing Orioles around the lamp which I’m assuming hints at Martian Manhunter since that’s his addiction in the comics I don’t


know if he’s shape-shifting but you also get some other Clues like the big belly Burger design where I was looking at it and comparing it to the movies we’ve gotten so far and like I don’t know if it’s just big belly Burger getting a new design because we’re in a new timeline or you know just the old one got re-upped it’s kind of like Schrodinger’s Beetle I don’t know if it’s both in Snyder’s DCU and maybe guns DCU now the DCU it’s film which really doesn’t start I mean the first DCU character for sure is Blue Beetle in the First full DC move DCU movie is Superman Man only in comics can you have two number ones but if you want it first you’re last um they did hint at the previous Blue Beetle teaming up with another superhero called Booster Gold who does have his uh Max Series in the works so I have kind of been interested in those casting rumors because I think it would be pretty cool but Uncle who directed Blue Beetle might still get that Bane story considering that the flash director Andy musketti is confirmed to direct Batman the Brave and the Bold so if they’re having multiple Batmans they might have multiple villains because in the animated series for Brave and the Bold it already had Batman teaming up a Blue Beetle I need your expertise for a little emergency well you will write a lot of el rata a lot of yeah it’s like the way Spanish I avoid what Jesus shut up after trying to figure out what Jaime is going to do with his new powers we get a really good speech with his uncle where George mentions Crossing being hard but it’s the next 20 years that are harder and if you’ve ever talked to your parents and know their story or deals like I have to claim this as the line of the movie and that’s why it stinks that


they bring in a lot of filmmakers to give give it that authenticity but then you’re still gonna trap these movies in that cliche origin outline like you gotta give them more than 50 50. but I think they’re too scared to like there’s a bunch of sneak disses in there where uh Starbucks will be opening up where Karen ceria was you know there’s a billboard about Palmera being the number one for write-offs for corporations and with the director being from Puerto Rico it is a little sketch that WB made him cut out a couple of scenes that got into how cord was driving people out of their homes because it ended up being Prime real estate you know kind of the same way the Paul Brothers keep trying to buy out the beaches in Puerto Rico but I I think keeping those scenes would have been important because the first shot of the house that you see it has a core sign out in front of it but WB has been treating this man worse than Jaime like if they really had him out there doing all the Press himself which ironically is just a kind of story the best way to love them is to support them yes going on theaters August 18. the family then gets attacked causing dad to die


nobody was gonna die in the movie that was like originally but you know the studio kept pushing and convinced us eventually like you know how can we create a lowest of lows man I knew that speech was too good to be true it sucks because that talk that they were having between Hyman is dead was all about finding your purpose and how his father was still searching for his too but this idea that you can’t make it without sacrifices wouldn’t get this the main bad guy you wrote in your movie their cat traces your sacrifices for the greater good man that starts to sound like an offering and not an obstacle sure he gets into the magical realism with Hyman being able to have that goodbye Vision you know there’s even that transplant metaphor at the end where the grandma moves the nopales that the dad mentioned they planted when the kids were born but did y’all really have to hit pops with the after they burned the family’s house down they take Jaime back to the lab where cord is juicing hymen in order to power up their super suits why do you all and so the family who the bad guy just let live car pulled in their Beetle Bug ship and drive over to Victoria’s super secret super Island in order to free him I did like that they sprayed Animo on the ship since that was what the dad was always saying to them but I don’t think anything beats when the mom yells at his suit because she would hold it responsible for her mijo on their way to him though they have another goofy moment that might


even be worse than the trampoline antenna because while this island is decked out with soldiers guarding it when they get there they even got the experiment room with state-of-the-art security man there is a moment where Jenny and Millie the sister are just walking down a tunnel and they just go into the room that’s got all the high-tech weapons the the main thing that this lady has been killing everybody for like no walls is one thing not even a door to the vault here we go there’s not a joke moment with a character not called Sanchez who’s been getting called at the whole movie until he’s had enough with Susan and hits her with her no one calls us and then the boy just gets killed they didn’t do that goofy thing where the mask come off during the fight scenes once everyone’s free in order to get the actors to show their faces all the time but then they mix that in with the previous blue beetles goofy weapons so they’re beating up Soldiers with bubble gum bombs Jenny legit is walking around with a Game Boy Color light for a device the sister just says Hocus Pocus and her Power Glove can become whatever she wants so knowing that there’s like a bunch of different scarabs in the comics are different colors I’m ready for the Blue Beetle Power Rangers whatever you can imagine I can create after freeing hymen spending the whole movie talking about not killing


Abuelita end up collecting the most bodies in the movie like they had the grandma just basing out for half of her scenes and then out of nowhere she remembers fighting alongside Pancho villam becomes the Terminator [Music] she didn’t even give them a warning this lady came in guns blazing killing so many bad guys and I assume some were good people hey yo what the [ __ ] ah um and you never see the sister or Jaime because their main characters kill anyone in combat yeah he’ll pull up get over here but he never finishes them his family does eventually while fighting Kara packs kajida decides to let Hyman know and the audience and karapaks the truth about karapaks and that’s the Victoria experimented on him for the greater good but because Heim is all about not killing he does let him live just to stand there and watch this guy commit a murder suicide for the greater good as he burns up Susan faster than DC’s prophets in the end more people show up to their house than the movie as the community comes together to help the family out Jaime gets a new job Rudy gets a new truck and Jenny invites herself to the carne asada only to leave with a play of Jaime’s Frijoles oh yeah

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