cast of transformers: rise of the beasts release date | transformers: rise of the beasts ott | transformers: rise of the beasts g.i. joe | transformers: rise of the beasts box office | transformers: rise of the beasts dvd release date

cast of transformers: rise of the beasts release date | transformers: rise of the beasts ott | transformers: rise of the beasts g.i. joe | transformers: rise of the beasts box office | transformers: rise of the beasts dvd release date

lesson so I was not expecting that ending somehow we’re now on the seventh Transformers movie if you include the Bumblebee one and they’ve taken it to Brooklyn in the 90s where the humans are now Mighty Morphin themselves as we went from no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no relax this time they got the director from Creed 2 who went from boxing Russians to hacking Bots and I think he does a decent job splitting the human moments and the Transformer fights as much as the other ones have story wise to me it is oriented but that surprise at the end alongside the atmos I think made it worth the Dopey matinee like these movies have always been the Best Buy stock footage when checking out a new TV or a sound bar and there’s a part towards the end of

cast of transformers: rise of the beasts release date

this where it’s just straight 30 seconds of bass to pretty much turn my A-list into a free massage chair so to me this is the second best Transformers film so far if that means anything but easily it’s the best soundtrack that they’ve had in my opinion with characters that I thought were pretty fun even if they may have too much slang for a John Champion yo they talk about goal to basically it’s this the twins are too Hood let me explain so the movie begins on Earth where we meet these Beast Transformers that I thought were calling themselves maximos when really they’re called maximals like the animals and they got the whole lineup they’ve escaped from their planet in order to keep this thing called the trans warp key safe from the big bad guy until it finds them this monster is an eternal Planet Killer who we only see a fraction of in the movie but pretty much unicron’s the worst thing to happen to Earth since

 transformers: rise of the beasts ott

omnicron and he’s got the creepiest Auto goons working under his hood there’s these spider ones that think they’re in a horror movie a couple from Durango Peter Dinklage who voices the main Hench car and I was wondering whenever life or your career gave you a reason to give up how did you make sure to keep going paying the bills Ron Perlman voices Optimus Primo who was named after the one and only and becomes the one and only after Scourge kills their Prime Leader harambe bot Scourge is even covered in oil drips since after every kill he snatches their emblems in order to Pace them on his bumper and right before he’s about to take the key the rest of the maximos Escape leaving Scourge to get grilled now the big deal with this key is that it’s doing what every other franchise is doing and opening up time and space to pretty much get more timelines we love to have the big guys enjoy we then jump to New York City in 1994 which is seven years and a whole Coast away from the event from bumblebee where we meet Diaz the next Soldier who’s now a tech Guru parodying movies and music for the black unless the

transformers: rise of the beasts g.i. joe

soundtrack for this movie was great I don’t think anything’s going to top Lincoln Park in terms of an original song but I just love the mixtape that they had for this with them getting every song that they wanted except like one Aaliyah song but Nas is gone two for two in Blockbusters speaking of Rio Morales is also Diaz’s Mom making Luna the mama to two NYC Heroes and back-to-back weekends but here their struggle is that they’re three months behind on bills for their 11 year old Chris who has a sickle cell disease affecting his hands and well you know an average Joe ain’t getting the health insurance needed I did really like Diaz’s line to his brother about not fighting this alone but fighting this together there are lines even in the movie that I took from my father used to say this to me all the time that now me and my brother say to each other we say home team so that handshake I do with Dean in the movie

 transformers: rise of the beasts box office

comes from my brother me and him do that handshake after getting more interviews canceled than indeed he joins his buddy reek to wreck some Havoc as they plan a heist against the rich since to him they’ll eventually give the charity out a guild and he’s just cutting out the middlemen this is an emergency can you hear me Mirage roll out hey who the hell was that in the middle of teaching us how to pick a Porsche the car phone rings causing this Autobot to shift to autopilot and leading to a high speed chase throughout New York they outrun the police faster than OJ as they escape to a warehouse where all of the Autobots reunite and get peeved that humans discovered them again there’s Mirage who’s able to replicate itself in order to trick people and his voice by Pete Davidson Who quotes more movies than bumblebee I like that I like it a lot I like it a lot RC the scanner voiced by Liza koshy who went from

transformers: rise of the beasts dvd release date

common like subscribe to roll out bumper ride you heard her roll out then of course there’s Bumblebee and Optimus who I heard is about to be voiced by Chris Hemsworth for a prequel I don’t know about that like Peter Colin sounds like he’s in Dolby when he’s in the booth this is Optimus Prime Optimus breaks down how they’ve been stranded on Earth for seven years after having to escape their home planet but now they can’t get back to Cybertron without finding that trans warp key from the intro so in order to escape this Pit Stop they have to break into a museum to get the key and they pitch that Diaz should do it like even Autobots Juan Diaz is still somehow Mirage has enough nuts and bolts to turn into a dumpster truck and security just lets them in but what’s interesting is that at this point in time Optimus doesn’t really trust humans and barely even likes his own kind but it’s bumblebee who mentions

cast of transformers: rise of the beasts release date | transformers: rise of the beasts ott

befriending them as he shouts out his own movie that’s when Diaz crosses paths with Helena Wallace named after biggie who works at the Museum spotting fakes and is the first to uncover the key who are you uh janitor really the terracon’s then swarm in on the museum as they go into an all-out shootout showing you the real purpose of these humans in the movie and has to be a scale for the robo fights these terracons really do live up to their name because these bad guys end up whooping their ass I mean bumpers they’re leaking oil they’ve burnt rubber once again they’ve killed B more times than Kenny but I also have to shout out the score because the composer mentioned them making a drum set made up of different tires that plays during the robo entrances and when time to those bayhem explosions it was raw I am a maximum a warrior the bird one named Eric flies in to help them at the end of it all voiced by

 transformers: rise of the beasts box offic | transformers: rise of the beasts dvd release date

Michelle yo who’s been in everything everywhere and she breaks down how humans can’t see the light beam that haunted all the bloodbusters in 2010s and how they may have lost the key but it’s only part one like movies in 2023 Diaz goes to say bye to his brother since he’s about to get deployed again and Mirage even gets to meet him and I’ll be honest there are a lot of lines in here where it sounds like Pete is just reading the car manual but he has an ad-lib in this scene that got my entire theater cracking up you know this day yeah it’s just work friends work friends been inside me BSN goes inside him like a Kardashian as they arrive to take this Transformers tow truck to Peru and even since the trailers I always thought this shot looked really cool like it’s dope it reminds me of that one from red with Bruce Willis but there’s like a framer too that just looks a little wonky even later they try to give Anthony a key it


didn’t look like he was staring at Prime’s eyes but his Muffler I’m so excited about these statues because it makes me realize where I actually should have been looking when we were shooting the movie they arrive in Peru where they meet a non-mexican Mexican Transformer who believes stick shift is life and he guides them on where to go I also found out that they were one of the first big Productions to film on top of Machu Picchu to the point of having to get a blessing before they even went on set they even shot during a real parade I just don’t see them letting Optimus in there much less sparkly can you imagine the amount of tickets Prime has probably has a boot closet that must be insane knowing Elena then sneaked through the festivities and plain sight in order to get to the ruins where the key is still missing but those spider bots creep on them again in terms of horror I heard the director cable Jr talk about a deleted scene where we meet Optimus in the beginning with a bunch of Decepticon bodies All Along The River but it got cut because test audiences thought it was too dark yeah I want to see more of that Elena Noah eventually escaped into the forest where they run into the Maximus and I have never heard this noise come out of a transformer don’t worry you boys got this this man squealed more than my brakes because Prime then meets Optimus primal who


mentions not being impressed with the legend he was named after which I guess is why they say never meet your Idols because they’ll semi disappoint you they’re split on how to approach the fight since harambe Jr has allied with the humans and even kept the second half of the key safe with this tribe that he’s been protecting while Prime feels like a failure for losing bumblebee to the point that he’s even transported his scraps with them this also leads to Diaz realizing how to work as a team which is why he was always losing those interviews and was discharged as he realizes the Mantra don’t be a problem don’t cause a problem otherwise we’re gonna have a problem before the icebreakers can even be finished erizor starts flapping around so she got hit earlier by the enemy and now her Eagle Eye goes from glitching to snitching as she compromises her location Atlanta ends up getting swooped which would be a really cool ride at Universal as Gorge pulls up to make them fight their own after claiming all beasts look alike that leads to Primal having to put down his own friend causing Prime to realize the stakes barely as the bad guys get away with both parts of the key and then instead of going up there to stop them they just sit and watch the movie with us I

thought for sure we were going to get hit with another Cliffhanger but they end up pulling up some previs and the visor plan to get to the top in order to stop the drop this leads to the final fight where they roll out and maximize that the humans try to plug in the code they need to stop Unicron from destroying Earth since opening that portal has caused NYC to be covered in smoke again Mirage tries to pull a distraction to get the humans to the access code and while he’s able to take scourge’s face off he dies guarding Diaz’s back sorta turns out that Noah’s Brother gave Mirage a transmitter to keep in contact and Mirage gave Diaz a scrap that he can use as a handgun but also something that turns him into an Autobot just don’t ask for part of my body it came from after getting an oil change he’s now trans and takes on Scourge while Elena plays uncharted on her way to the artifact I don’t know where though bumblebee gets a jump start and just comes back because you see when they turn that key it caused this energy field across the land that moved the screenwriter’s hand to type he returned in order to stop the big gaping hole in the sky Prime Ops to sacrifice himself but not before Tony Sparks grabs him by his left and somehow rescues him as they hitch a ride


with Bumblebee and press on the knobs in the end the Transformers lose the key meaning that they can’t go home but I guess found a new one with several sequels to come Atlanta gets to go on 60 Minutes and Diaz finally gets an interview that ends up being an audition to cross franchises with the G I Joe that said they did make fun of Marky Mark on the radio and goofed on him turning into acting so I don’t know how many multiverses we’ll be getting out of this but with Mirage coming back in the post credits I’d be curious to see Pete directed by the bayham himself you’ve been so involved in the Transformers since its Inception uh can you talk a little bit about because yeah it was the exactly I remember going to lunch saying I’d like to do this Transformer movie that’s the studio so I want to know

cast of transformers: rise of the beasts release date ,transformers: rise of the beasts ott ,transformers: rise of the beasts g.i. joe ,transformers: rise of the beasts box office ,transformers: rise of the beasts dvd release date

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