El conde movie in hindi | El conde movie 720p | El conde movie in english | El conde movie 480p | el conde narrator | el conde netflix | el conde cast

El conde movie in hindi | El conde movie 720p | El conde movie in english | El conde movie 480p | el conde narrator | el conde netflix | el conde cast


directed by Pablo Len El starring Marcelo Alonso Alfredo castra and Daniel kessi in the lead roles is finally out on Netflix as the satirical comedy releases on the streaming platform we thought this would be the perfect time to give you an overview talk about the ending and discuss some hidden details of the film so that you can have the best viewing experience our spoiler warning is in order as we will be discussing essential plot points and character details from the film but if you are done watching it already let’s dive straight into the video and yeah while you’re added please like the video And subscribe to our Channel it helps us a lot thank you and let’s move on to the basic [Music] plot austo Pinos finds out during the French Revolution that he’s a Vampire the revolutionaries grew on him and Mary Anon wins his love he spends his entire life seeking out opportunities to quell the Flames of Revolution

El conde movie in hindi

eventually he travels to Chile after faking his death and taking the severed head of the queen he overthrew the government to install his own dictator rule raking havoc on the nation for 17 years until he was toppled he again fakes his death and resides in a remote mansion with his wife Lucia and buler fodo the two of whom have been having an affair for some time pooshi wants to pass away because he has lost interest in living and leaves his property to his wife Lucia his Butler fodo and his kids Luciana Mercedes Jinta anel and Manuel the characters talk a lot about property disputes and the narrator embellishes a few historical facts but those things are pretty self-explanatory El tends to assess the property he has available distributed to those who are close to him and then pass away the task is assigned to the exist Gman she seems to be looking through the Pinos family as an accountant but

 El conde movie 720p

she’s actually getting ready to kill the count but as she begins questioning fodo and every member of the family she makes it abundantly clear that she does intend to cast The Devil out of a Gusto’s body there are thus a number of things happening a Gusto’s violent past is unknown to the children it is obvious that they are gaining financially from the atrocities that he has inflicted on his own people they actually believe though that austo is incapable of killing a fly and that anything he has done so far has been motivated by some sort of compulsion the family accepts that kman must exercise a ghosto in order to allow him to die even though they are aware of his vampirism which is contradictory because how can one be a vampire without harming others in addition to this there is the religious perspective because the cross is the the iconic character’s greatest flaw it is a subject that is covered in every vampire movie it has been mocked in numerous contemporary movies because it is as absurd as vampires El doesn’t begin on that note because K is portrayed as a formidable fool who’s resolved to perform the exorcism won’t waver she never

 El conde movie in english

vears from the numbers and facts nothing irks her at all because f is actually terrifying she only displays a silver of emotion while conducting the interview the fact that she draws all of her strength from the all powerful is perhaps most important that being said just like in every other vampire film it won’t be long before she yields to the Temptation and defies a pure Soul halfway through the film it becomes obvious that austo is drawn to Kam rather than Lucia and isn’t in love with luciaa anymore on his treadmill he begins working out he goes to the H where kmen is staying and asks for her permission to enter so it confirms the long held belief that vampires cannot enter the location unless they have been invited by the holes austo does so but he makes a fool out of himself by tripping over his own feet and declining the invitation strangely kammen does not even assist him in Rising and the count only sees the door shut in his face we also learned that austo supports fascism although he’s no longer in power if someone has ever been a fascist they will remain so throughout their entire life anyhow austo acknowledges his

 El conde movie 480p

weakness just so you know this is the guy who wants to die but now he wants to regain his strength because he is in love with kmen he then therefore makes an attempt to turn the Frozen Hearts in the freezer into a smoothie they fall short in their attempts though as a result he goes hunting most likely the point of the entire sequence is to suggest that Chile is still haunted by the vampire Spirit of austo austo PR on elderly women and blue collar workers that implies that fascist ideologies will continue to harm society’s weakest segments even after a fascist has passed away in reality it was FEA who went out and literally stole all the heart in order to terrorize augusto’s children into coming to kill him despite the the fact that it was pretty obvious to begin with Agosto can’t kill fodo because he turned him into a vampire is the time tasted Master Apprentice principle there is a hierarchy problem so even though Fodor is in a relationship with Lucia she can’t let aost to have her I’m not sure if this is simply working on a thematic level to

el conde narrator

demonstrate that even though austo is a literal vampire his children are the real vampires because they are surviving off of his wealth back to the relationship between austo and kmen kmen makes a half-hazard attempt to exercise austo bosto prevails and transforms Carmen into a vampire as was already mentioned the movie gives kmen the impression that she has the upper hand because she believes in God when it matters most to she simply keeps two flight sequences K’s first taste of freedom and Marg Thatcher’s arrival to declaim her son austo Mark the start of El’s final Act yes the film hinted at the former UK prime minister Margaret thater she’s a vampire and is also Gusto’s mother she was sexually assaulted by a sealer who leader turned out to be a vampire she was employed in the French Vineyards she gave birth to ghu abandoned him at an orphanage and later Rose to the fame as The Iron Lady of the UK it’s a sattire in which the makers are trying to make fun of T’s alliance with pososi in reality tza did support Pino’s heus actions because conservatives always stood up for conservatives no matter the time or circumstance however as all of this is happening augustus’s children decide to murder kmen because they suspect that she is there to steal the money they need Lucia is finally beat by Fodor who transforms her into a vampire so she can assassinate austo I

el conde narrator

suppose that in the climax of Elon Kam attempts to murder austo during a fictitious wedding ceremony however she abandons the mission and makes an attempt to flee while still in possession of all the necessary paperwork to completely bankrupt the pinosa family F however follows her and kills her austo M Lucia because she intends to kill both Augusto and Margaret Fodor is also killed by austo for betraying him by working with Lucia to kill him neither the money nor the opportunity to to kill anyone are given to the kids to make some money they are compelled to sell some of the household goods once the Pinos home has been cleared out the chur that has sent kmen will take ownership while raising money by reselling Napoleon’s letters Darwin’s journals and the first edition of main camp austo and Margaret consume vampire blood to rejuvenate themselves in an effort to exterminate the leftists who are receiving an education there orost to transforms himself into a 15-year-old boy and enters a school returning to my earlier point it is possible that Elon servs as a warning of about the Resurgence of fascism in contemporary society

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and the urgency of putting an end to it as soon as possible historical records of what occer at the same time show that countries suffered as a result and the strange thing about people is that occasionally they Overlook their own history failed to see connections between the past and the present and again trust someone who is a [Music] fascist having said that none of what I’m seeing is presented in the movie in an understandable way it’s very uninteresting unoriginal and rambling if the themes were presented in a more prominent way it might have been a fantastic watch I’m not sure where things went wrong if you want to give it a shout head over to Netflix watch Elon day form your own opinions and let us know what you think hey hey hey thank you for watching this video to share your thoughts in the comment section about your experience or watching Elon or the count on Netflix hit the like button and subscribe to our channel to get your weekly do of cinon series see you at the next one and for the timing we are signing off adios and I’ll be back


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