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the movie begins with a fire couple Landing in a new city filled with people of different elements turns out the fire couple are immigrants that cannot speak the English as it says approved for immigration we then start to find out the fire couple is the only fire element in the city and gets treated differently due to their appearance damn this guy’s looking in pure disgust so it turns out the firewife is pregnant and we see the fire couple is rejected everywhere they go when they try to find a place to live love so they settle for a worn out dirty home outside of the city for context the director’s career and actually came from an immigrant family and thus inspiring him to create this film the wife then gives birth to a child named Amber and as Amber grows up her father builds a business of a convenience store to

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help attract other fire people of snacks and food that they miss from their Hometown I’m actually surprised Disney didn’t go woke into this film and allow the common stereotype of immigrant owners working in convenience stores and as time passes by more and more fire people begin to immigrate and live here at firetown and Amber works at the shop for the cheap child labor the common Asian practice as we see tension between water and fire people and once Amber finds out their ruining products she rages and kicks them out as Amber grows up we find that when facing difficult customers she shows them whose Daddy and displays some anger issues um is this gluten free why can’t you vegans just eat some chicken her father then tells her when she controls her anger issues she can then take over the store oh and Amber’s mom is a Love Guru have some jizz on your face the place Amber lives is called fire

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town like Chinatown as the film doesn’t even hide it’s about Asians with references to Hotpot and that Amber’s voice actress is literally an Asian I wonder how many kids would try actually drinking lighter fluid from watching the scene as Amber’s dad is now getting old and thinking of her time and he asked Amber to be in charge of the shop tomorrow for the Red Dot sale she then gets super excited prepares the shop and gets ready to get triggered ah yeah I will kill you with more and more people acting as Karen’s warning coupons and refunds Amber can’t hold it in and lets out her Rage which then burst the pipes and floods the store we then introduced to The Waterboy way who was built like the daddy but acts like a bye-bye turns out he’s a city inspector and writes a ticket for the shop having no permanent

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faulty pipes Amber tries to steal the report as it will lead her dad still getting shut down if the report reaches City Hall so she chases Wade nah but what’s crazy is she dead ass just left the store with no one else running it despite all the customers still inside and although she tried when you try your best but you don’t succeed Amber then gets sad thing it was a dad’s dream so bro feels bad and tries to help her out but Amber loses her temper and her dad’s shop is processed to shut down when Amber gets back her dad is fixing her mess and to avoid getting in trouble Amber lies and blames The Waterboy for bursting the pipe as this only fuels her dad’s hatred towards water people even more Amber then finds out her dad left his homeland fire land due to a stone that destroyed everything and thus left for a better life with Amber feeling terrible she meets Wade again to talk to his boss but upon meeting the boss the boss

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gets mad at Amber because she says she looks like lizzo with the team losing weight then gets a crowd to encourage and cheer for a player who then goes ahead and wins the game everyone cheers and the boss is now in a good mood so she gives a deadline to Amber and says the shop won’t shut down if she can track where the water leak was coming from Amber is Happy spends bonding time with Wade as both starts developing feelings she then shares the time she wanted to see a Viva stereo flower but felt prejudiced because of her element the film uses dialogue such as go back to Fireland clearly implying Prejudice towards immigrants was quite bad back then than it is now Wade then cries hearing Amber’s pain and they discover the leak was caused by a hole in a dam so Amber and Wade then work together to successfully close the hole with sandbags Wade then asks out Amber on a date and they end up going to

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the movies together which means I guess they’re dating oh my gosh they’re dating yes bro’s got their crying Riz wait the movie’s called Prejudice what but it seemed wherever Amber went in the city her element was seen as a burden as if she didn’t belong but Wade continues to adore her I believe Wade represents the people who still appreciate others regardless of their appearance and that there are still good people out there well bro just has a fire Asian fetish you like the Asian what boy huh you like the Kung Pao chicken teriyaki sauce and when other people have seen dancing Amber’s hesitant of touching weight as she believes Fire and Water cannot match it then turns out the sandbag did not hold the water which results in another pipe leaked Ambrose Wade then comes over to tell her about it only to get caught by her dad and lies saying he’s a food inspector so the dad puts him to the test so bro eats his

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food and explodes man he really wants Amber’s fire 4C when finding out Amber’s talented at making glass she then covers the hole with the glass she creates as it completely blocks the water from leaking they celebrate and wait then brings Amber to meet his family as we see the social hierarchy difference that Wade comes from a well-off family and during dinner we hear subtle covered racism from Wade’s father I just have to say that you speak so well and clear implying immigrants shouldn’t be able to articulate themselves which is in and of itself condescending they want us to talk like Tesla oh let me do your taxes okay yeah someone that breaks the glass and Amber fixes it by making an even better one I’m good at this because I’m used to the child labor Wade’s boss calls him and loves the glass meaning Amber’s dad’s store won’t be shut down Wade’s Mountain casually offers Amber a job at the best class making firm that’s looking for an intern which is another shocking truth on surprises in a Disney film that having

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connections and networking is actually a very privileged way people can get jobs in high positions and just like that she gets a high paying job that would change her life Wade is super happy for her but Amber gets mad as she realizes she doesn’t want to take over her dad’s store feeling trapped and obligated to follow her dad’s dream and does what he wants rather than what she wants Amber’s mom didn’t find out she’s dating a waterboy and makes them do a love matching test to prove they don’t belong together but Wade comes in clutch and turns out they’re a perfect match Amber’s dad then comes in so they hide Wade and it’s actually unusual that the mom is being supportive and helping Amber hide weight since for example in a Korean household the wife is the man of the house and generally against the relationship with a foreigner Emma’s dad is super happy to announce he will retire and wants to hand the family business to Amber pressuring her to carry on his legacy is Amber knows she can never follow her passion because

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her parents happiness is expected to come first and this is the toxic reality of why so many Asians become doctors lawyers or Engineers not because of something they ever wanted to do but because Asian parents expect their children to put the parents happiness first over themselves and that are in order for us to even feel validated we need to do whatever it takes to make them happy and if we refuse we get disowned Amber then plans to break up with weight knowing that our father will never accept him but before she could tell him wait then takes her on a trip with the help of his boss and he takes her to see the river stereo flowers she always dreamed of seeing as a kid once they leave Amber’s Overjoyed so bro risks it all and makes a move Amber understanding that it could end each other’s lives goes for it anyway and turns out it creates steam so they decide to create a whole lot of steam you know what I mean but then Amber thinks of her father his dreams and his wishes then gets the ick essentially my boy just got blocked Amber says she has to take over the shop and Wade tells her to express her true thoughts to her father in which she replies doing what you want is the luxury that people like her aren’t able to do Wade then tells us she’s

afraid to which Amber says and I quote you don’t know what it’s like to have parents that gave up everything for you and to that I disagree this is a manipulation tactic Asian parents use on their kids all the time that they claim they immigrated and gave up everything purely for the sake of their kids is they immigrated because they want to a better life because they thought their living situation would be much better somewhere else and in the case for Anne but they didn’t even know what gender she was going to be and made her work child labor to help build their own business they didn’t make Amber work for the sake of Amber they did it for themselves for their own interests so to pretend they gave up everything clearly for the sake of kids is ridiculous and that if the kid doesn’t obey will do what the parents want they get the zone for it personally when my parents beat me as I was struggling to speak English I don’t think for a second my parents gave up everything and immigrated for the sake of me and if I ever spoke out about it I was quote selfish for bringing it up Amber and where then argue and end up breaking up and her dad


makes a big ceremony to announce his retirement as he’s about to give Amber the store but Wade is horny and pops in and thanks to his intervention her dad finds out she’s been dating him and that amber light that it was her that broke the water pipes Amber then gets publicly shamed and disowned as her dad comes out of her time and to run the store again I was surprised Amber’s mom even defended her saying it is true love when Asian parents would never even say something like that Amber then drives off in socks when suddenly the glass breaks causing a flood of order to pour into fire Town Amber then drives off to find her parents then goes into the store to protect the blue flame which represents her Heritage and culture Wade then comes to help cause he’s horny as Amber creates glass to protect the fire the water becomes too strong and puts out the blue flame but Wade somehow saves it man he really wants Amber God damn but because they’re stuck inside a small room with no windows weight starts to evaporate as he Embraces his death Amber confesses she loves him and they have one final hug his way to evaporates Wade is now dead and Amber tells her dad her honest thoughts that she does not want to run the shop her dad says it’s


completely fine which is not what happens in immigrant households in real life but again it’s a kids movie what are you going to tell me next that Wade is still alive and Amber gets a happily ever after touche isn’t he touche Wade and Amazon gives a Disney Smoochy and months later a different fire couple runs the store with Amber’s dad happily retired and it seems Wade is fully accepted into the family Amber accepts the new internship for the glass room that is very far away as her parents encourage her to start a new life Amber then pays her respects and so does her father and the movie ends there I honestly had no expectations for this fumble was shocked at how real and relatable it was and I’ve never seen a film that actually encapsulated life of an immigrant that was actually realistic personally as an Asian immigrant I’m already disowned by my parents for following my passion and I’ve already said that the fact that no matter which girl I decide to bring home that because she will share the values I have rather than the conservative religious values my parents have I already know they will never accept her as they still haven’t even accepted me I


understand since it’s a Disney kids movie perhaps they had to hold back and not really show what goes on in a toxic Asian household where parents burden you of their dreams and expect you to be a breadwinner since immigrants usually do come from a poor background and although the only part that felt unrealistic to me was the parents being supportive of allowing Amber to start a new life with someone who is not even from the same race element and supported her dreams and passions I truly do hope that this film encourages more immigrant parents to be more of their children and what their children wants to achieve rather than their own Visions for their kids but yeah comment down your thoughts on this film and if you found this film relatable please share your stories of what it was like to grow up in an immigrant household my bad for making such a serious video I didn’t expect this film to hit so hard to me and I’ll crack a lot more jokes and make the next movie commentary a lot more funny and entertaining thank you for watching it’s been your boy Casey and yeah till next time

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