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grab your Boomstick and S smart discount card this is my boom stick the latest iteration of the Evil Dead universe is here and I’m glad to say it’s we’re gonna take a deep dive into the new film it’s Easter eggs and even Bruce Campbell’s cameo in the film yes Bruce does have a cameo and it’s really easy to miss but I’ll be pointing it out as we go along so give me some sugar baby and make sure to like And subscribe because this is one hell of a trip the movie actually starts one day after the main events of the film this is Teresa a young woman peer pressured into coming to her cousin’s stupid boyfriend’s Cabin in the Woods already you can make out this cabin which still maintains the feel of evil dead but you know they’ve changed it up a little bit it’s now a triangle inside is an old clock and homage the clock found in Evil Dead one and two but it’s by the lake where we meet Caleb and his drone we’ll actually see a POV shot of it traveling through the forest which mimics the iconic POV demon shots found in the original evil Deads Teresa

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can’t stand her cousin’s boyfriend Caleb don’t worry Teresa he won’t be here long so she makes her way back into the cabin to check on her cousin who’s been feeling a bit under the weather now if I came into the cabin and my cousin looked like this I’d definitely be calling 9-1-1 turns out Jessica has been possessed and proceeds to pull the scalp right off Teresa’s head and when this happened in the theater everyone audibly gasped it was pretty [ __ ] awesome Teresa manages to escape and rushes to Caleb but possessed Jessica isn’t too far behind she grabs Caleb’s drone and uses its blade to cut up her own face before descending into the water and then levitating from the lake this was honestly one of the better openings of a horror movie I’ve seen in a long time rewind one day earlier were the main events of our story take place this is Beth our protagonist a guitar tech who spent the last few years focused on becoming the best at her job which has also meant putting aside her family especially her sister Ellie who is going through a bad breakup Beth wasn’t there for Ellie in her time of need and now that Beth needs her it’s created a bit of Rift between the two Beth Scott and herself pregnant and isn’t sure what to do about the baby at family dinner we

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meet Ellie’s three children Danny Bridget and Cassie Cassie here is the youngest of the bunch who enjoys spending her free time chopping the heads off dolls she’s actually making her own doll named Stephanie Yes you heard me right Stephanie is a doll whose head is lovingly spiked onto his staff an item which will come in handy later on the kids are charged with picking up pizza and there’s a fun Easter egg here with the name of the pizza joint being henrietta’s Pizza the name of the first person to be possessed by the kandarian demon in Evil Dead 2. it’s on their way back that an earthquake opens a pothole beneath their Apartments parking garage you see this old apartment building was built on an old bank and the Quake has opened a path to the bank’s hidden vault and Dany being The Adventurous young man that he is takes it upon himself to investigate inside the Vault are all sorts of religious paraphernalia including crosses hung from the ceiling and Medals of Saint Benedict the medal of Saint Benedict is often seen at the center of a crucifix behind the head of Christ to ward off evil spirits so so it seems whoever controlled this Vault was quite rich and Powerful Dany reaches in to find a book covered in insects revealing the

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Necronomicon The Book of the Dead found by archaeologist Raymond Noby in Evil Dead 2. it has somehow made its way to this Vault now I should mention there are different versions of this book in Army of Darkness we actually see three copies of it but it’s never explained whether the one in Evil Dead rise is the same as the other films there’s actually a theory out there that one of the books belongs to the original trilogy one to the 2013 Evil Dead remake directed by fetty Alvarez and the last one to Evil Dead rise so Dany grabs the book along with three mysterious vinyls early on in the film we see how Dany is an aspiring DJ which will later tie into him being able to play these records although not visible in the trailers behind Dany is a large poster for fake chimp the term used to describe as stand-in for an actor unavailable to perform their role something Sam Raimi and brother Ted had to do multiple times during the filming of the evil Dead one of the things this film does well are its setups and payoffs for example there’s a scene where Cassie hides a pair of scissors under the couch and later on in the movie those scissors will be used to fight off Ellie or how Beth is a guitar tech a skill which will allow her to create a battery to play the speakers when the electricity later shuts off but I’m digressing the first vinyl we hear the voice of priest Marcus Littleton in the year 1923 and yes that’s Bruce Campbell’s Cameo who voices the priest he’s come to a conclave and wants to use the

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Necronomicon to learn from it but the other priest disavow him forcing him and two other priests to learn the book’s secrets on their own vinyl 2 is the reciting of the Demonic Words which ultimately compel a demonic Spirit to descend upon their apartment now I should preface that this building is really old and set to be demolished next month which allows for some unique plot points later on with this demon on its way it possesses its first victim Ellie who is on her way to do some laundry when her body is entangled in elevate later wires similar to the Demonic vines that grab victims in Evil Dead 1 and 2. the now possess definitely decides it’s time to make some delicious breakfast throwing eggs into a pan like the first time I tried to make breakfast in bed for my mom and even creepier she tells them she wants to slide into their bodies so they can be a happy family forever before proceeding to vomit profusely and passing out they’ll put her in a bathtub to cool down but she’s so hot it ends up boiling the water her body shoots out levitating onto the ceiling mommy’s like the maggots down she then proceeds to collapse and die but with everything Evil Dead we know that won’t be for long a few moments later as Beth talks to her dead sister about everything she’s sorry for Ellie miraculously wakes up but this time she’s on a demonic Killing Spree she’ll use a Shard of glass to stab Beth through the hand then attacks Bridget with a tattoo pen this is already turning out slightly better than one of my family gatherings unfortunately Bridget is infected here but they’re able to push Ellie out into

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the hallway where she makes quick work of their neighbors including Mr Fonda who owns a shotgun and a wood chipper down in the parking garage both of which will come into play later on there’s even this fun homage to Evil Dead 2 where one of the neighbor’s eyes gets torn out and popped into another person’s mouth Cassie looks through the peephole as her mother tries to convince her to open the door open up now I don’t know about you guys but there’s no way in hell I’m opening that door nothing a big old hug and kiss from you won’t fix okay maybe foreign luckily the others are able to push their demon mom back and regroup for a new plan if the necronomicons summon this evil entity maybe it can also stop it so Dany shows his aunt the book and vinyls in the hopes they can find a solution at the same time Bridget’s decided it’s a great time for a glass of chardonnay oh God she attacks her aunt using a cheese grater to slice off part of her leg I hate when that happens but Beth’s able to light her on fire and now we’re down to three survivors Beth listens to that final vinyl all alone just in case it stirs any more demons the hope is that it may hold a clue to stop them but instead it’s a warning there is no stopping it unfortunately during this time Elias crept into the air duct and found her way inside Dany comes to Beth’s aid but is killed in the process and soon he’ll become a demon too but it’s actually Cassie who saves the day when while hiding under the couch tosses Beth

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some scissors which best stabs in Ellie’s face allowing the two of them to escape into the hallway now you you may have been wondering why haven’t they been able to escape thus far one the elevator is out of order and two the earthquake caused the staircase to crumble apart just the worst their cell phones don’t work and they can’t yell outside because they’re too high up and it’s pouring rain which drowns out the sound so Beth and Cassie make their escape to the dimly lit Hall to try to get their way to the emergency stairwell their neighbor’s corpses have yet to be possessed by the Demonic entity unfortunately the door leading to this fire escape has been heavily locked and Beth will need some heavy duty Firepower if they’re going to get past it luckily their neighbor Mr Fonda still has his shotgun on him a trademark Evil Dead weapon but Beth ends up using it to fend off Ellie as she re-emerges from the apartment with no time left in a possessed of Bridget and Danny coming to their mother’s Aid Beth and Cassie lock themselves in the elevator this is when Ellie fuses with Bridget and Danny into one fugly monstrosity with multiple appendages it’s kind of similar to the image found in the Book of the Dead and aligns with demon Ellie’s idea that now they can be one happy family by literally being bound together Cassie and Beth have no other choice but to lock themselves in the broken elevator which slowly starts to fill with blood until it reaches its weight limit and don’t ask

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me how this works but it crashes 14 stories and they survive the doors opening like in The Shining but damn does it look cool Beth and Cassie open the parking garage gate but Cassie is pulled at the last second separating her from Beth now Beth must force her way back into the garage and save her niece culminating in a brutal finale where she almost gets sucked into the back of a wood chipper luckily Mr Fonda’s truck has a handy dandy chainsaw a staple of the Evil Dead series Beth picks it up and guts the demon pushing it further and further into the wood chipper showering the entire parking garage in blood Beth has saved the day and throughout her journey has learned the importance of family although never stated it’s highly likely she’ll keep that baby now this is where we track back to the events at the beginning of the film home Jessica the possessed woman lives in the same apartment building as Beth and her family only nine floors down on floor five so she probably didn’t hear any of the crazy events that went

on she makes her way down to the parking lot where the camera Zooms in in the traditional Evil Dead POV so it can be assumed that Jessica was possessed by this entity drove herself to that Cottage and would later become this thing that ascends from the lake it’s a fun way to Circle back to the beginning and leave the room open for future sequels there’s also the question of the Necronomicon and vinyls themselves which are still upstairs what will happen to them I really think Evil Dead rise was the shot in the heart this franchise needed and if they could create more stories like this I’ll definitely be along for the ride but what did you think of Evil Dead rise I want to hear your thoughts in the comments below thanks for watching and for more bad takes you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at thinkstory YT until next time remember Shop Smart Shop S Mart foreign

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