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ghosted movie kuttymovies | where to watch ghosted movie 2023 | ghosted movie in tamil isaidub kuttymovies | ghosted movie ott | ghosted (2023 720p) | ghosted full movie youtube | ghosted tv series

welcome to movie recall in today’s video we will be going through the 2023 movie ghosted it’s time to recall let’s get started turn on subtitles and spoilers ahead the movie starts and we see a young girl named Sadie driving around the outskirts of Washington DC when she receives a call from someone called Dr Yates Sadie goes on to talk to her about someone’s sudden demise and she is bummed about that she says that she has been feeling really down ever since that girl died despite the fact that she barely knew her Sadie says that she is down because that girl’s life was the same as hers they were the same age they had the same job even their houses looked and felt the same which is

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empty and cold Yates tells her to be strong adding that she will check in with her soon we then see a man named Cole Turner in the market on his small stall and as it turns out he has recently been dumped by his girlfriend he shared this secret with a woman named Edna who is also in the market but she gossiped about it to the other people in the market too Edna has a stall of plants and tells coal to keep an eye on it while she has gone out for smoke while she’s gone the same girl from earlier makes her way into Edna’s stall and starts looking around call notices and approaches Edna Stahl to ask Sadie what she wants she has selected a plant but she tells him that she is not home too much so she should get something which she would not need to water for days ahead when he is about to sell her the plant he says that he does not feel good about selling the plant because he thinks she is going to kill it she gets annoyed by that and as they argue and arrives and asks them what’s going on she then just tells Sadie to pay ten

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dollars for the plant and Sadie leaves after paying when she’s gone Aetna tells Cole to go ask Sadie out and he follows her to the car despite being reluctant about it at first Cole asks her out for a cup of coffee and she has weirded out by that because they just had an argument she says no at first but as Cole is about to walk away she calls him back and tells him that she could use a cup of coffee he gets into her car and they hit the road they end up hanging out for a long time and going to different places she tells him that she is an art curator which is why she has to travel all over the world and he tells her that he is currently writing a book on farming plants they then go on to talk about horror movies and Sadie tells him that nothing scares her because she has chosen not to be scared she then tells him a story about how she fled the country with her mom on a raft and it was terrifying back then all of them were scared but her mom was Brave that day she decided that she was going to be brave just like her mom and nothing scares her now they keep hanging out together for the whole day and the whole night together they go to a bar and she sings she

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then invites him over to sing too but he is too nervous she then tells him that she just needs someone who can be like a cactus that does not need water for a long time meaning she is out of the country more often than not so she wants someone who could be there for her because as of right now she has no one and her life kind of sucks the next thing we see they’re making out there is clearly some in intimacy between them and when he walks her home they even go on to have a wild steamy hormone sandwich later he makes his way back home and tells his mom and dad about her they are excited but his sister named Maddie says that he is going to blow her because he always gets carried away he tells his parents that she might be the one and even his mom admits that he gets carried away they are however supportive towards him for the next few days he keeps texting her but she does not respond to him his dad comes up with different theories behind her not responding to him but Maddie is right she tells him that Sadie has just ghosted him he then remembers that he left his inhaler in her purse and as it turns out he put a tracker on that as he does with all of his stuff he checks the location and it turns out she’s in London his mom and dad tell him to surprise her

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in London but Maddie does not think it’s a good idea she thinks that he is going to come off as a loser but his parents are supportive of his idea and the next thing we know he is on his way to London he goes to London but while he is following her current location he ends up in a dark Kelly and gets kidnapped by some people the next thing we know is that what seems like a lab full of dangerous insects that are used to torture people the man investigating him keeps saying that Cole is the tax man but Cole says he is just a farmer just as he is about to be tortured Sadie shows up with a rifle and goes on to shoot everyone out there as they move out of there the alarms go off and he is shocked to see her like that it turns out she lied to him about being an art curator she’s actually an agent working with CIA they then engage in a shootout and she gives him a gun too he does not shoot people but does find cover for him when they come out of the cave finally we learn that the Aaron kyber pass Pakistan just as they are about to leave in her Jeep

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they are attacked by the local security forces and as they run from them they go on to stop a bus at gunpoint and take the bus they are now on the bus and the security forces follow them and keep shooting at them the chase goes on for a long time and some of the soldiers manage to jump on the bus but Cole uses his wrestling skills from school and takes them down she says that she slept with him once and he began stalking her and he tells her what he did was actually supposed to be a romantic gesture they finally managed to take down all the vehicles and the bikers chasing them and then the bus gives up she tells him that they are gonna have to walk now the scene changes to a cave where we see a man named Levesque who is the real man behind the mission he wants some passcode from the tax man and they think Cole is the tax man he tells his men that anyone who is able to bring in tax man is going to get one million dollars in the meantime Sadie and Cole get to a place called mingola where she meets a guy named Marco who seems to be a powerful figure there and when he meets her he goes on to kiss her too they talk about a biochemical weapon called Aztec that has the ability to wipe out the Eastern Seaboard she then reveals that she was actually at the cave to get Aztec adding that Cole was her second priority she tells Marco that she wants him to

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manage a safe flight for Cole back to America and he agrees it turns out Marco and Sadie used to date too they are in the same profession so it just works and just as Sadie goes away she tells Cole never to contact her again but after a moment Marco is shot dead by a black man Eve takes away both Sadie and Cole at gunpoint the black man calls himself the grandson of Sam as he is taking them away he is attacked by a man called The Leopard who has been sent by Levesque the leopard now tells both Sadie and Cole to go with him however when they get in the car someone calling himself the lion kills leopard he tells them to drive on after throwing the leopard’s body out the lion is also killed and these two manage to get away when they are in the car he tells Sadie that they kept asking him for the passcode and she now learns that they cannot use the Aztec because they do not have the passcode she reveals that she killed Edna her recent co-worker because she managed to encrypt the passcode and it turned out she was a traitor working with the Enemy she then goes on to punch him and knock him out and the next thing we see she is acting as a bounty hunter and takes coal to live in his men telling them that he is the tax man and has the passcode they make him sit on a plane and she is told that she will get paid when they land they decide to torture coal for th

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e passcode but Levesque himself does not get on the plane he gives all the responsibility to his right hand called Wagner they however find a picture of her and coal which they took in bed when they were sleeping together she then tells them that she is the tax man and she has the passcode to Aztec that is right there in this plane she however attacks them all and manages to put down Wagner right away another man gets into a fight with her but she goes on to snap his neck just after he stabs her Cole in the meantime uses his wrestling skills and goes on to take down another man she then tells him to jump off the plane with a parachute with Aztec but he is not willing to leave her there he then grabs her and the two jump off the plane right away six hours later they are at sokotra island in the Arabian Sea she wakes up he is tended to her wounds because he has good knowledge of plants the next morning they go on to talk and go on to have a y wild steamy hormone sandwich before they are attacked by Wagner and his men she has however sent her location to CIA so her team gets there right away and kills some of Wagner’s men


however Wagner manages to get away with Aztec and the team of CIA is bummed about it the scene changes and they are sitting in the CIA headquarters being interviewed by a man named Monte Jackson Sadie and Cole again get into an argument when she says that saving him was a mistake because she lost Aztec when she tried saving him he is really offended by that they have lie detectors attached to them and it keeps signaling that these two have asexual tension between them and Jackson tells them to get a room she then meets the boss who is Dr Yates Yates is disappointed in her and tells her that she could lose her job in the meantime Jackson talks smack about Sadie Nicole who is still protecting her he tells her that she is a killer and a liar but when he sees her photo Cole notices a plant and says that this plant is the thing which Elna used to figure out the password of Aztec so they should get this plant from her apartment right away they then decide to use coal for the mission telling them that they have to take down Levesque or else he is not going to stop following him because he thinks that Cole is the tax man so he could even hurt his family Cole decides to help them but Sadie tells him that it is a big mistake adding that they are just trying to use him he says that they say the same thing about her while Sadie leaves the CIA headquarters he starts working for them in the meantime Mr utami the man who hired Levesque to get Aztec comes to see him and tells him that he


needs it right away Levesque tells him that he is going to have it soon they then decide to see the tax man and utami says that he is going with Levesque and if they get the password their deal is good and if he does not get the passcode he’s going to kill a vet right away Taxman Cole wants to take Aztec from them they go to a spot in the mall where a table is are served while Cole waits for them to arrive his team is killed and Jackson tells him to get out of there with his dying breath Cole however decides to stay because he is sure that Sadie will come to save him he sits on the table and is joined by utami and his men Levesque right away tells him that they have this thing and they need him to open it Cole however pretends to be a traitor to the country adding that he wants to walk out of this building a rich man but Levesque says that he does not believe them at all it turns out this meeting was set where he pretended to be a traitor but Levesque of course did not believe him and still does not believe it he keeps looking around as he waits for Sadie to show up and she finally does he then goes on to tell Mr utami that she is actually the tax man and she has the passcode utami goes on to send her the money right away and she opens the case containing Aztec when it is


opened Levesque tries to kill her but it turns out he is surrounded by the bounty hunters who have been hired by her shootout begins and she manages to grab Aztec just before her and Cole under a table they work together for a while to fight these people off but then they are separated as Cole gets engaged in a one-on-one fight with Wagner utami tells Levesque to get him out of this place but Levesque shoots him Wagner and Cole get inside the control room where we see big machines those machines get turned on during their attacks on each other and the next thing we see the whole building where everyone else is fighting it starts spinning and the situation turns even more chaotic


there while Wagner and coal fight Levesque and Sadie engage in a shootout he manages to kill Wagner and gets back out there in the hall where Levesque is about to finish off Sadie he attacks him but Levesque still manages to get the upper hand in the fight and gets his hands on Aztec too she goes on to shoot the ceiling over his head and it collapses on him he is crushed and Sadie now has Aztec and coal is also safe both of them kisses he tells her that she looks great in the black dress she’s wearing the scene then changes to Sadie and Cole dining with his family and his parents are thrilled to have her over Maddie is also impressed by her as they tell the family about all they’ve been through the scene changes to three months later where Cole and Sadie are now in a relationship and have been making good success in their respective careers he goes on to open the trunk of the car and there is a man in there with his mouth taped she tells him that he is an arms dealer and both of them go out on their date and with that the movie comes to an end thanks for watching please like subscribe and click the Bell icon to get new movie Recaps

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