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Danny is a detective he is in a therapy session because of what happened in the park he reminisces about the day he helped his daughter with her hair and she would spin in circles until she fell down he was distracted for a moment and she was gone he got up and looked for her but she was missing Nick texts him he needs to go to work and he looks at photos of his wife and daughter Minnie he remembers the day the abductor got arrested in Minnie’s crime scene Danny gets picked up by his friend NYX they listen to dispatch talking to an anonymous tip that a robbery will occur at Bank of Austin and box 23 will be taken they believe the person because in the previous weeks bank robbers occurred in different branches onside jobs they stake out the location they watch an old man sitting on a bench they

hypnotic movie 480p

listen to his conversation about the weather with a lady and the old man leaves to tell the security guards about the weather Danny believes the old man is the robber he goes inside the bank he decides to open a safe deposit box but he steals the keys he opens box 23 and finds a picture of Minnie and the words find love dull rain outside the lady is stripping naked in the middle of the road and cars are crashing into each other the old man tells the bank teller about the time she closes the Tower and the security guards go into the bank with their shotguns Danny tries to stop the bank teller from taking box 23 but the security guards show up and shoot him they leave with the Box they crash the security track and the lady is playing in the water the old man takes the box and places a bomb instead it explodes and the old man runs off Danny chases him detectives catch up to Danny and they catch the old man on the roof

hypnotic full movie

Danny tells them to Cuff the old man but they stop as if being hypnotized and they Point their guns at Danny when NYX gets to the roof the old man tells them to finish up and the detectives shoot themselves the old man jumps off the roof and disappears Danny believes the old man knows where Minnie is because he mentioned her name they track the Anonymous phone call and it came from the hypnotic shop he interrupts a session he wants to speak to Diana Cruz taught Lee leaves but Waits on his bike for Danny to leave Diana is scared when Danny mentions delrane because he is dangerous talk crashes his motorcycle into the shop and he smashes his own head into a spike they take Diana to the station to keep her safe Diana explains that delrane uses hypnotics to convince the target everything they do is perfectly fine and normal they can reshape the Mind using cues and actions Diana knows all of this because she is Hypnotic she convinces NYX to act like a prisoner and tells him to leave she explains that

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hypnotics don’t work on Danny because she already tried delraine gives Nick help with his lighter Diana explains that she recruited after tarot card reading to the government they trained people to amplify their hypnotics and Del Reign was the best there was but he went rogue and she stopped him but she cut ties with everyone to be safe the lights turn off NYX is hypnotized Danny tries to stop him and shoots him in the leg and cuffs him to the wall but he doesn’t stop trying to reach for the gun he almost rips his own hand off but Diana shoots him but she can’t overpower delrane she set him free Danny and Diana are fugitives on the Run for the murder of Nick they hide out at a bar and an officer comes in and recognizes them but Diana hypnotizes him he gives a generous tip but delrane finds them with police officers Danny distracts them so Diana can find a way out he runs into oncoming trains and weaves between them to escape Del rein and the police Dany watches the world bending he gets cornered but Diana saves him by crushing the cops they drive to Mexico and they find an old friend whose mind is difficult to unlock

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even for dull rain they visit him and he tells them about how hypnotics leave a paper trail just in case their mind gets erased project Domino can erase any mind even hypnotics Danny goes to show Jeremiah a picture but Diana realizes something is wrong delrane is disguised as him and they run out and steal a motorcycle and they are cornered by the roads and people Delray stops them and the police are about to kill them but Dany hypnotizes all of them the police least take Del Reign they are confused about how Danny can even use hypnotics Danny convinces Diana to help look for his daughter they meet with River a friend of Diana’s and they go into his lair and try to hack into the government he finds out his wife Vivian is a division agent and that she lied about everything she did Diana gets Danny a drink she goes to shower Danny gets a call from Delray and he convinces him to kill Diana he uses scissors and is about to stab her but she starts kissing him Danny wakes up in the night steals the hard drive and hacks into the government he searches for Diana Cruz she is actually the same person as Vivian he searches up Minnie and finds out she actually projects Domino and she is insusceptible to hypnotism Diana explains that he kidnapped their daughter and wiped his memory clean after the division wanted to know where Minnie was so they reconstructed his brain he is a

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detective trying to find his daughter everything was an illusion the bank the hypnosis shop the rooftop the cops shooting each other then getting trapped in a corner all of it was a movie set to make him remember this was the 12th time they tried to reconstruct his brain and find many they want to train many to be the strongest hypnotic but Danny won’t let them they start to reset Dany for the 13th time everyone in the world is a division agent he wakes up and talks to the therapist about many getting kidnapped he takes the elevator he looks at pictures of his wife that he sees as Vivian but actually Diana he walks through a hallway but it is full of division agents NYX picks him up in the car but actually a golf cart they drive to the van every person in the public is a division agent Danny goes to the bank

hypnotic (2023 film) trailer

but in actuality he broke through the reset he remembers everything and the picture finds left Irene was a picture he left himself he takes a van and drives out left Del Reign was a trigger to Deer Valley Lane Danny drives to Deer Valley helicopters search for him he meets with Carl and Thelma the agents find out that Thelma and Carl had a foster child it was Danny Danny goes into the house and finds dominoes he knocks them over and finds Minnie she knows the agents are there the Agents come to get mini with or without Danny they kill Thelma and Carl Danny tells Minnie to come out and many shows Diana what is actually happening Minnie made a construct because her powers were so

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strong and the Agents start killing each other Thelma and Carl were actually the ones killing the agents many shows Diana what she went through the torturing the division did to coerce her she makes Del Reign shoot himself Dany explains that they didn’t want Minnie to be hypnotic but being born from two powerful hypnotics she was able to explore the uncontacted parts of the human mind the division knew Minnie’s Powers could transform Society not to help find uncontacted parts of the mind but force people to do what they’re told or else they wanted to use many but they couldn’t watch they decided to kill the division with Minnie but she needed time to become stronger they knew they had to erase their memories to keep her safe they get to be a family again free from the division thank you for watching consider subscribing

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