new saw x movie 2023 | saw x cinema | saw x netflix | how long is saw x | is saw x the last movie

new saw movie 2023 | saw x cinema | saw x netflix | how long is saw x | is saw x the last movie

listen so sawx is the 10th movie in the franchise and even if you don’t count Spyro it’ still be the 10th Saw movie in the franchise but it’s also the longest like this thing is pushing almost two hours as it’s going back to the beginning to try and convince people that jigsaw is more of an anti-hero than a serial killer there’s even a point where they try to pitch this man as a life coach I hope people overcome inner obstacles now I don’t know if this movie is going to make disciples of those who already don’t like these movies but for the Sans like they brought back the intro gears in 4k they up the Trap it’s somehow both a reboot where you don’t need to know anything about all the other ones but also a sequel where you kind of have to have at least seen the first four but I’d also argue that this is one of the goofiest ones since Lionsgate put out an official cribs trailer with Billy the Puppet thank you for visiting my cor so while it

new saw movie 2023

doesn’t break the top three for me it’s still my top half of the Saw movies let me explain so the movie opens up on John Kramer who has an age of the day getting a CAT scan since this movie takes place early on in the timeline when he was still getting treated for cancer this in in our mind is really saw two this movie happens weeks after the end of saw one we then see him in a group therapy session where he meets a Henry Kesler who he runs into months later and gives a testimony about his remission after seeing a doctor overseas who was actually mentioned back in saw six when Kramer got denied by his insurance this is a doctor in Norway he’s got a 30 to 40% success rate with gene therapy and well yeah we know how that ended up for him the doctor mentioned is a dude named Finn Peterson who has his own like drug [ __ ] and a surgery that’s supposed to be a miracle cure with a 98% success rate at least

 saw x cinema

according to his that net according to him that’s what caused the government and big Pharma to go after him so now they’re running operations out of Mexico and it’s funny that while John Kramer is supposed to be this guy who puts together the most intricate traps out there this dude is typing with his index finger there is one point before he hops on his ID don’t Mexico where he sees a janitor stealing from a patience in a coma that leads to John brainstorming what I thought was the best trap in the movie where he punishes this dude for his Sticky Fingers by making him snap off all of them to free himself or else it vacuums his eyes well he has his eyes on him and the trick was on us cuz it ended up being all a Daydream but I would still put it as my favorite trap of the movie eventually the daughter of the doctor calls him up to meet to Mexico so after writing his will and testament he flies in and takes a taxi halfway before a van pulls up to kidnap him in the middle of a dirt road who then actually takes him to where he was going to

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so I guess that’s how Google Maps Works in Mexico or Map Quest since it is the early 2000s he meets a doctor at an abandoned chemical Factory where the daughter is now running things that’s where he also meets a girl named Gabriella who claims she was also saved through the surgery there’s the nurse Valentina the surgeon the anesthesiologist and then a random little kid named Carlos who plays soccer outside till the third Act of the movie you’re in very good hands with us they performed the surgery on John but hide the operating screen from him so you know something fishy is up but the next day this man wakes up like he just beat the game of life and is cured his brain is now working harder than ever before designing traps he’s about to enter a competition but after a couple of tequila product places later he has to swallow the fact that he got duped see it turns out that when they turned the screen around it was because they were playing a video titled how to do surgery for dummies and they were faking it the whole time and at first I thought it was going to be like some black market organ harvesting or something but they never even cut him open like they straight up Bamboozled him now he short $250,000 as he realizes that

 how long is saw x

they’ve been running this International scheme for over 8 years on at least 34 people and they’ve made Millions so now John’s been done wrong by a Cecil and a Cecilia this is not retribution it’s a Reawakening that means is back to work for jigsaw with the first up being the taxi driver who was also pretending to be the surgeon which like John realizes after the fact his trap of forgiveness is to be tied up with knives for hands which he has to use to cut off the bombs that he glued to his wrist and I love how after he accomplishes it and rips off his flesh and blood K just like toses him a first aid kid and considers him redeemed krer is that you I’ve stole you what you want to know we then get a montage of the iconic pig man snatching up all of the others like Valentina who was out one night and was about to get assaulted but luckily gets rescued just to be set up in a trap they snatch up the Dr Mato who’s giving out drugs pepper spray Gabriella who’s doing those drugs and then break into the main lady Cecilia’s house as we realize that it’s Amanda who’s back and helping John with it all but damn they did her dirty with that haircut like Gail from Scary Movie 3 would consider that a jump scare metaphorically yes johnon up the traps the new game at the

 is saw x the last movie

abandoned Factory with Valentina going first and her game involves her having to floss off her own leg and then has to siphon out her blood to funnel enough bone marrow from it or else a timer is going to go off that slices off her head I mean how does this lead to a better life he was speaking metaphorically he does that a lot cilia then opens up Veronica so that she can use her intestines as a rope to go reach her something and she’s got guts cuz it works she’s able to snatch up a phone and make a call right before Amanda comes in and z her which is Then followed up by a guy named Parker conveniently appearing but he claims that he got duped to and is also there for a refund so now this man’s up there in the office looking down on the games as Kramer sends in a Big Boy Billy who at this point shouldn’t be using training wheels Billy pulls up with the tools for the next traps that has the fake Dr Matel choosing to perform brain surgery on himself where he has to fill up a beaker with enough brain matter to unlock the key that he needs to escape I mean even if he wins will he remember what he did wrong and there’s a [ __ ] bone cutter the cran new I don’t care what the [ __ ] thing CL it’s crazy that in Sal 2 he gave that lady like the whole movie to


perform the surgery and here he’s got 60 seconds to pick at his brain obviously he doesn’t end up putting enough cerebral manner into the beaker so the Trap ends up squishing his head just like the iconic reverse be M on the first but Mexican Edition and even then you know you’re in soccer land Cramer you couldn’t put an extra five on the clock don’t hesitate next up is Gabby who’s chained up diagonally with one arm and foot dangling her in front of a machine that’s shooting out worse radiation than what John got from his chemo her fun little game involves her having to break her foot and arm in order to get away from the ray gun but Cecilia did her dirty cuz she convinced her to hit her leg first so that she can get it out of the the chain which then left her dangling right in front of the ray gun so she should have chosen the other limb first I did it we’re saved what’s wrong wrong foot she actually does make it out Thea but she survived and it was also a nice note to see how Amanda had a soft side for her since they’re both addicts who end up in Kramer’s games but sad the only one of them is getting more sequels everyone deserves a chance you should know that more than anyone for whatever reason this is when Parker pulls out his gun and says enough is enough revealing that he wasn’t an nextpatient but says he’s current man somehow this lady’s figured out that John Kramer is the jigsaw killer as she snaps Gabby’s neck after beating a trap and reveals to Kramer that she planned for his games to take out all of her Loose Ends so she didn’t have to split the money now when how did Kramer not know this when he was Googling her at the start I have no idea but two Cecilia is pretty much a merit to Kramer she’s also a


mastermind running her own little games with followers who do all of her bidding you know Kramer has Amanda who likes him and does all the dirty work just like Cecilia has Parker who’s pretty much her puppy they both work out of warehouses but the difference is that Kramer claims he’s like a pastor looking out for his disciples and he wants them to be reborn this lady’s ready to offer a as a sacrifice it’s almost like he took all of the comments of John Kramer being this bad guy like he took them all personally and then they made this movie where he was trying to show you what a worse version of Kramer would be like I still have a lot of work that needs to be done ah yes just another day in the office cilia then sets up the little soccer kid who was playing outside the entire time they were screaming by trapping him in a seesaw with Kramer where instead of waterboarding it’s blood looking like a reverse oil change and it does get a little goofy here cuz at this point they’re taking turns drowning each other and and him telling the kid no Hala so that he could take all of it and it was just like John were you planning for all of this with the kid with Amanda either way he just unlocks himself cuz obviously he has another trick up his sleeve and I guess he

just wanted to personally test out one of his traps I want to play a game my job is to bring Humanity to John Kramer the traps I leave to the people who are Disturbed enough to come to come up with some of these things as soon as cilia and Parker go up to the office to get the money that’s when the real real games begin as the room locks them in in order for one of them to get poisoned as it turns out that it was always Jan’s plan to get dirty and to set them both up since the taxi driver had already snitched about Parker working with her so if everything was meticulously planned was Gabby dying not a part of it the kid this 2hour run time in the end Cecilia leaves her man to die as she survives to see a sequel the little kid gets all of the co-pays and they all walk into the sunset ready to reboot the franchise but now we got some after credits somehow saw a brought back more people than fast a as we get a scene back in the iconic bathroom where he’s kidnapped Henry from the beginning for setting him up but he also has his partner Hoffman there who’s ready to give him the scar that he lied about out of all the men to cheat you pick John Kramer so at this point it seems they’re about to set up another 10 movies before John ever dies in saw two thus rebooting the franchise within the franchise like a spiral leaving me to wonder when they’re going to respawn Adam since clearly it’s never game over forever

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