Pain hustlers movie in hindi | pain hustlers true story | pain hustlers phoebe actor | what is the plot of pain hustlers | pain hustlers chloe coleman

Pain hustlers movie in hindi | pain hustlers true story | pain hustlers phoebe actor | what is the plot of pain hustlers | pain hustlers chloe coleman

the epilog of pain husters exposes the horror of the pharmaceutical industry’s participation in the fenile epidemic in the United States as well as the price of greed Emmy blunt and Chris Evan star and David Yates Netflix original film pain Hustlers which is based on writer Evan Hughes book The Hard cell Crime and Punishment at an opioid startup and was adapted to a screenplay by Wells toow in the movie pain Hustlers Lisa Drake is a desperate mother trying to support her daughter with her epilepsy by finding a paying job she receives an offer from David brener aanna pharmaceutical agent to work on a fent product called lonen in order to Market lonen Lisa and David soon begin to operate beyond the law however zanna’s whole business plan soon depends on a number of criminal acts which are supported by Dr Jack Neil the company’s main investor leisa’s conscience overrides her as the fentel situation worsens and she comes out as a whistleblower to Aid in the downfall of the entire firm does pain Hustlers actually

Pain hustlers movie in hindi

exist although the opening line of pain Hustlers reads what you are about to see is inspired by actual events not every character or incident in the film is real the people in pain hust Hustlers Zana and the majority of its Rivals are entirely fictitious despite the fact that the backdrop of the opioid epidemic and the manor pharmaceutical corporations promoted fentol drugs are mostly true to life there is a real painer named lonen but it is not the same as the fictionalized lonen and pain Hustlers fentony is a very real substance the actual firm covered in Evan Hugh’s book The Hard cell Crime and Punishment at an opioid startup is named in CIS Therapeutics and their product was a fenile liquid that was sublingual or taken under the tongue it was similar to pain hustlers Lan John kapor the originator of insis shares a background with Dr Jack Neil from Pain Hustlers and their business model bribing doctors to write prescriptions for subses was almost exactly the same as zanna’s approach to marketing lawen and pain Hustlers numerous additional elements of zanna’s character in pain Hustlers such as her attendance at strip

 pain hustlers true story

clubs and her lavish presence of stake and other items to Physicians are directly lifted from its his a comparable real life video involving sales representatives in costume rapping about titration and earnings from dose increase which which is partially shown at the conclusion of pain Hustlers served as the direct inspiration for even Chris Evans outlandish performance of David brener during the sales conference like Zanna at the conclusion of pain Hustlers Maria Guzman a sales representative became a whistleblower and finally brought down in his Therapeutics however Lisa Drake’s narrative differs greatly from Guzman’s in other ways how is Phoebe’s surgery paid for by Lisa Lisa was denied by every doctor on her list and wanted to locate Phoebe a more stable setting when she had a seizure so she almost gave up selling lonan before making her first s the surgeon clarified that she could require surgery to address the seizures a technique that was used was making incisions in her skull to remove the arterovenous Malou

 pain hustlers phoebe actor

formation in the manner of a melon baller the second technique involves entering by the nose without making any cuts to her skull or causing any movement of her brain and it is significantly less intrusive and dangerous regretfully Medicaid did not pay for the second choice Lisa makes enough money once she succeeds in persuading medical professionals like Dr Nathan little to prescribe lanan to lead a much more opulent lifestyle that includes an expensive home designer clothing elegant Automobiles and an expensive school for Phoebe unfortunately Lisa finds out that Phoebe still needs the surgery and is unable to pay for it because insurance won’t pay for it she doesn’t have enough saved up her company stock vests after a year and she isn’t eligible for a loan because the pharmaceutical industry is too unstable when Lisa ultimately tries to approach Dr Neil for financial assistance for the operation he informs her that Phoebe’s ailment may be a secret gift and that she should take advantage of the circumstance to Spur her on to

what is the plot of pain hustlers

Greater sales although it’s never mentioned in the discourse Phoebe’s noticeable surgical wound on the side of her head throughout her recovery period serves as proof that she ultimately had the more intrusive riskier procedure she appears to recuperate quite well despite the elevated risk indicating that leisa’s involvement in zanna’s corruption ultimately had no impact on her daughter’s operation why did patients on Lon ifen start dying David brener mentions the hardigan study out of Mass General early in the film which indicates that there is less than 1% chance of addiction or overdose with Lon saen the hardigan research is wholly made up although at the film’s conclusion Elliot hardigan the study’s fictional author clarifies that the study only included patients with stage 4 opiate resistant terminal cancer who were receiving clinically controlled dosages There is almost little chance of overdosing related ill effects in such situation and many of the patients passed away from cancer before any longer term negative effects showed up the increase in addiction overdoses and fatalities didn’t start until Zan’s sales approach which at first

 pain hustlers chloe coleman

resembled the hardigan trial started paying doctors to prescribe Lan and off label to people who weren’t cancer patients and reward rep ing higher dosages although it’s unclear if a comparable real world study exists Zan’s manipulation of the hardigan study in pain Hustlers is similar to actual manipulation of scientific research to alter or misrepresent the results W’s success in taking down Jack and Zanna was dependent on Jackie’s emails after originally going to the Florida district attorney to expose zanna’s unethical business practices Lisa claims that it

would be very difficult to link Dr Jack Neil to the bribery scheme since he doesn’t use a smartphone send emails or allow any other electronic devices to be near him notes he delivers to David brener are the sole evidence that he may have known about the bribery plan but Lisa is caught trying to take David’s copy of the notes Jack’s brief lovely aison with Lisa’s mother Jackie Drake inadvertently revealed that he was fully aware of Santa’s bribing of Physicians despite his anxiety and security around maintaining a paper trail in an attempt to use their connection to her advantage and secure better terms and higher commission Jackie attempted to email Jack while Jack ultimately refused to comply with any of Jackie’s requests the emails demonstrated that his legal defense which claimed he was unaware of or uninvolved in zanna’s business decisions was false thanks for watching and if you’re new to channel subscribe and click the Bell so you don’t miss out latest videos of media [Music] breakdown oh

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Pain hustlers movie in hindi

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