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oh dork hey everybody it’s B this is the rock star part of super obvious in this video we’re talking about how Stu can make a return in Scream 7. let’s go [Music] [Applause] [Music] if you didn’t know the return of Stu was something that was supposed to happen in screen three but it got changed to Roman even after that the theories and rumors about Stu returning is something that’s been talked about to happen in every screen movie since then as you know radio silence have been the creators of Scream 5 and 6 and these two are some of the most successful installments in the whole franchise we got the news not long ago that radio Silence has a very busy filming schedule in the planned filming of Scream 7 could be pushed back for several years radio silence will be making a monster movie with Melissa Barrera along with other projects that are set to be filmed before scream 7. if this happens and the rush to

scream 7 release date

keep making screen movies continues there is a chance that scream 7 could be made from different creators and if it is there is a pretty big chance that Stu can make his return I’ve made several Theory videos about Stu returning but I feel like if the movie is created by someone new the chance of Stu returning is higher than ever it was really cool when Mindy and Kirk we were talking in the ghost face Shrine and Mindy mentioned the line that there are rumors that Stu isn’t actually dead if the demand for fans is still very high like it’s been for decades it could happen and if seven is going to be the last installment in the franchise which I hope it’s not especially if it’s super successful like five and six was but if seven is the last screen movie this would be the last chance for student make us return and for me if that didn’t happen it would be a huge missed opportunity especially if Stu’s return is done right as far as the ghost face reveals in seven there are a lot of possibilities that I’ve talked about in previous videos where most of them

new scream movie 2023 cast

include Stu the ghost face reveal in seven could be Stu and Christina Carpenter Sam and Tara’s Mom there is a double surprise of Stu and Jill they are both assumed quote unquote dead and could both make their return and both of them have a beef with Sid so if she is in seven that would be cool for them to both be ghost faces again there’s also that the ghost faces in seven could be stew and Danny we really don’t know anything about Danny but if seven is a remake of three then Danny could be related to one of the previous ghost faces and like I’ve said before it could be cool if we have a character introduced and is revealed to be Ghostface in another movie that has never happened before and would be cool plus there was already talk that Danny could have been involved with the Bailey family killers in six but slid away especially when Sam didn’t want him to go into the shrine with everybody else I know the boyfriend being the killer thing has already happened more than once but I feel like it could still happen especially

scream 6 netflix

with the theories I have explained earlier another possibility is Stu and Sam or ghostfaces with Sam’s meds and therapy not really helping and Billy constantly egging her on to be a killer all that combined with Stu’s return could have them be ghost faces when Sam finally completely loses her [ __ ] I could see Stu talking to Sam and Stu explaining all the stuff him and Billy did during their Killing Spree when they were ghostfaces also Stu is linked to Billy and Billy is Sam’s dad so Stu could tell us some backstory about Billy and Christina Carpenter assuming Christina isn’t an opening kill if she’s in seven there was a lot Stu could let us know on what happened around that time there was also Stu in his older sis Leslie who has theories of being the lead of the Ghostface cult this one again I think it would also work but Sid would have to be in seven so yeah there’s plenty of possibilities with stew being

scream 6 killer

ghost-faced if he makes his return in seven with stories to go with all the different Ghostface reveals so it’s pretty cool to talk about but yeah that’s the video let me know in the comments what you think about Stu making his return it could be more possible than ever if the franchise has new creators for Scream 7 also if Stu makes a return and he’s Ghostface who do you think could most likely be his partner and why like and share the video subscribe to support the channel and I’ll see you guys in the next one totally for sure thank you

scream 7 release date ,new scream movie 2023 cast ,scream 6 netflix ,scream 6 killer ,new scream movie 2024 ,scream 5 release date


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