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foreign [Applause] as news reporter April investigates a story about a run of unusual robberies occurring throughout the city April comes finds a group of robbers they are Foot Clan gang member and suddenly some mysterious creature attack Foot Clan gang and forces them to run from there then we see the Foot Clan organization boss Master Shredder he orders them to catch the creatures then we see that the foot claim gang member hijacked the subway April also goes there to see but they caught her after that we see that the light is gone in Subway by the same mysterious they easily defeat all the gang members and run from there in the dark no one see them April follows

teenage mutant ninja turtles movie (2017)

them at the top of the roof they see the April and cotter when C asks who you are they answer that they are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and tell her not to tell anyone about them or they’ll find her Mikey reiterates this and it’s clear he’s drawn to April the turtles flee but April captures a photo of them from a distance April rushes home and opens a box containing documentation photos and videos about project Renaissance on which her father and sax were working April watches a film of herself as a child recording in her father’s lab pre-mutation applying a mutagen on the Turtles and Splinter she even knows the previous symbol is indicating family the turtles try to return to their Lair without waking Splinter he eventually captures them and punishes them by making them balance on specific items until they tell him why they were out on the streets Splinter humiliates Mikey by luring him with pizza Mikey admits they were fighting the Foot Clan and when he hears April’s name Splinter becomes concerned and instructs the

teenage mutant ninja turtles movie (2017)

turtles to find her April continues her investigation into the turtle’s background Vern then brings her to the sax estate so she may directly question sax about the project he and Dr O’Neil were working on she shows sax the turtle’s photo and he takes her into his room to tell her about his childhood in Japan man including being abandoned by his father and discovering a legend about a vicious warlord in the area he hands April his business card April logs onto her computer to check on the turtles in the subway only to discover that Dany has hacked her computer and emailed her a location where she may meet them she goes alone and the Turtle’s leader inside their Lair there she meets Splinter who remembered April before he changed he tells her that her father was working with Saxon Shredder but when he discovered that Shredder was planning something bad Dr O’Neill burned down the facility costing him his

 teenage mutant ninja turtles new movie 2023 cast

life April rescued Splinter and the turtles and led them to the sores for their own safety the mutagen eventually took effect transforming Splinter into a walking talking rat who raised the turtles as his kids the boys were always interested about life above the surface but Splinter kept them at Bay by teaching himself Ninjutsu before handing it down to the turtles sax truly works for Shredder and they come by his armor the Foot Clan is also able to pinpoint the location of the lair they infiltrate the location setting off an alarm that alerts the turtles the foot soldiers break in and blow up the premises with a bomb the turtles fight the soldiers and Splinter gets in on the action himself Mikey takes April to a safe location before returning to the fight Shredder enters the lair fully armored and armed with numerous knives on each arm he squares off against Splinter who avoid Shredder’s knives and lands a few solid

teenage mutant ninja turtles: mutant mayhem 2

blows Splinter closes the doors to protect his sons but they raise them just in time to witness Shredder capture Splinter and drag him before the turtles threatening to murder him if they don’t lay down their weapons they do so but Shredder still punches Splinter hard enough to kill him while the Soldier’s cattle prod Leo Dani and Mikey capturing them and blowing up the lair RAF comes from the wreckage and joins April in burying Splinter he begs RAF to save his brothers and stop Shredder RAF prepares to take action April asks Vern to take her and RAF back to the sax estate Vern notices RAF and though astonished agrees to drive them sax confines Leo Dani and Mikey in cages and his his basement laboratory attempting to extract mutagen containing blood from their blood his and Shredder’s goal is to infect the city with a toxin that will isolate it then seize control of everyone using the mutagen as a cure Vern charges through the gate running overfoot soldiers ref leaps off the van to find his brothers Vern and

 teenage mutant ninja turtles: mutant mayhem box office

April follow RAF confronts Shredder alone as April tries to rescue the others by injecting them with adrenaline this lets them to break out and assist Raf in his fight against Shredder before the villain leaves Kara and the foot soldiers pursue the heroes as they hijack a truck the soldiers used an RPG to hit the truck forcing it to Tumble down the mountain the turtles Glide down the mountain on their shells crashing into or tipping over the Foot Clan trucks Dani calculates a large decline that is occurring right now kerai latches onto Leo as he attempts to save April and Vern forcing her truck to flip over and crash into a tree Raph arrives just in time to pick up Leo April and Vern they then travel to the city to fight Shredder Shredder and sax returned to sax Tower or in order to release the toxin while the turtle’s battle Shredder April and Vern go in search of the mutagen Mikey yells Cowabunga as they charge in the turtle’s attack Shredder but he proves to be a formidable foe meanwhile April secures the mutagen while Vern

teenage mutant ninja turtles: mutant mayhem trailer

knocks ax unconscious the turtles then collaborate on a move that lets them to push Shredder off the roof as Shredder pulls himself back up Dani goes to block the toxins discharge Dani is able to stop the release with a second to spare the turtles then try to stop Shredder from destroying the top of the tower April gets to the roof and shows Shredder the mutagen to distract him the top of the tower collapses as Shredder leaps at April throwing them both off the turtles struggled to save April while they cling to life Shredder tries to finish them off but Leo tosses his Katana at him forcing Shredder to lose balance and Tumble to the ground the tower’s top collapses taking April and the turtles with it RAF says his bravado was motivated by worry for his siblings and he admits he loves them just as he discovers they’ve landed safely they go back to the sewers slightly the turtles obtain a mutagen in order to resurrect Splinter he is proud of his boys April later runs into Vern who is showing off his new automobile the turtles arrive in their own vehicle to thank April for her assistance Mikey then inadvertently launches a rocket blowing destroying Vern’s automobile the turtles offer to drive them but April insists on using the Metro Mikey sings Happy Together to April as they drive away she beams

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