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hi Thriller Recaps here today I am going to explain the movie Expendables part 4 explaining every scene as it happens watch till the end and please like And subscribe if you enjoy this the movie starts in Libya where an army camp is suddenly attacked by unknown men the general there tries to protect his wife and child telling them to hide meanwhile in New Orleans Ross goes to Christmas’s house to help with his troubled relationship Christmas and his girlfriend argue and Ross tries to mediate but the girlfriend calls them both selfish and blames herself for being with Christmas upset the guys leave the house and Ross explains that their chosen life of making money means they have to be selfish Christmas disagrees so Ross changes the subject mentioning he lost his lucky ring in a bet and wants to get it back they go to a strip club and a fight breaks out when they ask for the ring Ross wins the fight and gets his

the expendables 4 full movie netflix

ring and despite the danger Christmas realizes he enjoys spending time with Ross at the army camp the fight goes on as Christmas and Ross reunite with their team including Gunner who now wears glasses leading to some teasing about his appearance new members have joined the team but Ross struggles to remember them their leader Mars briefs them on a new Mission involving a rogue army man Eco yalies who deals with nuclear weapons their tasked with stopping him from stealing missiles as they prepare two team members discuss Ross’s old Nemesis urot who had almost killed them in the past the team sets out on their mission and Christmas confides in Ross about a recent panic attack leading to some light-hearted banter meanwhile at the camp the General’s wife is killed and his son is used as leverage by the villain to obtain a nuclear weapon the general complies and provides the weapons location but he’s shot at anyway Christmas and and Ross arrive at the scene facing challenges in landing their plane with Ross struggling to control it the villain having secured the nuclear weapons attempts to escape with his gang but Gunner’s

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poor eyesight hinders his shot and the rest of the team gives Chase Christmas initially tries to shoot from a distance but when his aim falters he closes in on the villains during the Chase Christmas realizes the villain’s vehicle is bulletproof in the exchange of gunfire the villain hits Ross his plane causing an engine to catch fire the villain takes another shot and the plane is further damaged before he escapes in his own aircraft the team watches helplessly as Ross’s plane is engulfed in flames Christmas rushes to help his best friend but the plane is already in Ruins when he reaches it they gather around the chard remains to find Ross’s lifeless body back home a memorial service is held at their usual bar where Christmas Mourns and in a corner until a woman tries to console him Mars arrives and Christmas asks when they’ll seek revenge but Mars expels him from the team for disobeying orders a decision that led to Ross’s death Christmas pleads his case with Mars trying to explain that he was attempting to save his friend

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but Mars remains firm in his decision to remove Christmas from the team the team stays silent as Christmas is Ed from their ranks Christmas leaves the bar taking Ross’s ring from his lifeless hand back at home Christmas reflects on his Fallen Friend then searches for a new job and becomes a private security guard for an influencer when the influencer disrespects women during a live stream Christmas stands up to him leading to a physical confrontation after work he goes through Ross’s belongings and a woman named Gina comes over recognizing Christmas’s desire for Revenge Gina reveals that Ross was involved in a classified operation between International agencies and when it went arai the file was Declassified after his death offering clues about the villain ursol lot Christmas wants to join her but they argue and eventually become intimate Christmas entrusts her with a weapon tracking her location once she leaves the next morning as the rest of his former team embarks on their mission in the south Asia sea the team meets with the CIA while Ross travels to Thailand in search of a man named Asia he encounters a cleaner who initially directs him to a peaceful place Place Ross’s Quest is hindered when he tries to take a boat but faces resistance after revealing Ross’s death and his mission for Revenge the cleaner agrees to help him meanwhile the rest of the team

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prepares their weapons and Mars briefs them about their mission which involves pursuing the villain urot the CIA provides crucial Intelligence on Ursel lot’s movements as Ross and The Cleaner embark on their journey in a ship in Thailand the team successfully infiltrates ursol lot’s vessel but they become suspicious due to the unusual silence aboard the ship as they continue their mission as the team notices the ship’s unusual silence they report back to headquarters only for the lights to go out and they are ambushed disarmed and locked in a room by unknown assailants frustration leads to arguments among them until urot arrives with his armed guards one of The Expendables is taken away leaving the others in apprehension Christmas arrives at the ship where his team is held hostage and successfully infiltrates it encountering patroling guards he exchanges banter with one and swiftly neutralizes him urot contacts the CIA and Demands a prisoner exchange meanwhile Ross proceeds on his journey eliminating anyone in his path and acquiring the weapon he had given the woman earlier torturing one man for information about the rest of the Expendables before dispatching him urot senses trouble and tries to contact his

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men but Christmas answers and informs ulot that his men are dead after introducing himself Christmas warns ursul lot that he won’t leave the ship intact Christmas proceeds on his mission dispatching more adversaries who cross his path urot keeps sending reinforcements but their aircraft is eventually destroyed while Christmas watches an attempt to Ambush Christmas fails as he proves quicker than the asant as the situation escalates more men are sent in and the cleaner from earlier arrives to Aid Christmas motivated by loyalty to Ross their unexpected Alliance surprises Christmas and they continue to battle the incoming threats together meanwhile the rest of the Expendables search for an Escape Route discovering one that must be wet to open one of them uses his urine and during this moment Ross is brought up in conversation once more the Escape Route opens for The Expendables and they make their way out Christmas enters the room where his friends were held but doesn’t find them there they are confronted by three of the villains Expendables but Christmas and his new alies swiftly come to their rescue despite reminders that Christmas is no longer officially inexpand Gina admits she was aware of christmas’ intentions when he gifted her his knife revealing that everything was part of a plan leaving Christmas Feeling somewhat used the team discovers

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the nuclear weapon ready to detonate in minutes and they scramble to find a way to deactivate it they set up a rigged vehicle with a bomb luring the remaining guards who are subsequently eliminated however during The Showdown one of The Expendables get stabbed causing a loss of focus the CIA as promised prepares for a prisoner exchange believing The Expendables are still in Peril Christmas driven by a desire for vengeance enters the ship’s main building and confronts more adversaries eventually facing off with the main villain a fierce battle ensues between Christmas and the villain with Christmas managing to slice a part of the villain’s face even though he’s injured in the process undeterred Christmas Rises and continues the fight ultimately stabbing the villain in the chest to everyone’s surprise the villain endures the wound Christmas later retrieves a sledgehammer and uses it to strike the villain with Gina entering the scene and demanding the kill switch they discover the villain is merely a mercenary working for urot an incoming helicopter carrying soldiers and a prisoner is swiftly destroyed by urot leaving only 12 minutes before the ship detonates URS solot activates the kill switch prompting a firefight between his men and The

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Expendables The Expendables attempt to escape before the ship’s imminent explosion but Christmas insists on turning the ship around he continues his Relentless combat successfully re-rooting the ship with 6 minutes remaining before detonation on the ship ursol lot instructs his men to attack Christmas while ordering others to find a way to prevent the ship from blowing up he eliminates a man who warns him about the impending danger

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Christmas Fights Back eliminating most of the remaining enemy forces as Christmas runs out of bullets he prepares for the ship’s imminent explosion closing a door and saying he’ll soon see Ross the ship begins to detonate but the Fire doesn’t reach Christmas’s location urot challenges Christmas to face him recounting Ross’s failed attempt to fight him 25 years ago just as urot is about to shoot Christmas a helicopter Fires at urot Christmas is astonished to see Ross at the controls but chides him for almost killing him in the chopper Christmas demands an explanation from Ross who was believed to be dead Ross discloses how he faked his death fabricated a classified file and proved urot survival the bomb explodes under water and the two friends reunite the team gathers at their usual bar celebrating their mission success and Ross’s unexpected return Christmas returns Ross’s ring and Ross Reveals His Escape Plan having substituted himself and placed his ring on the substitute’s finger to make it appear as though he perished


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