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listen so the new Batman movies out featuring The Flash and it has the Justice League facing their biggest Nemesis yet a reboot but hey in terms of that race between Superman and the Flash you know at least one made it to the Finish Line La me explain so the movie begins with Barry getting a call from Alfred who treats him like a butler sending him on Aaron since the rest of the league is busy Batman is out chasing another bomb Aquaman is waiting for the Post credits and a sequel cyborg continues to get ignored by WB and Superman can’t show up because he’s in Guatemala making this problem for Barry watapio flash runs in to save a hospital that’s sinking faster than the DC EU as he continues to do his little ski run that I personally never really had a problem with mind you I don’t like that urine yellow Mexico filter they put on him but it always had a little Groove to it as he was swinging his arms side to

the flash movie pagalworld

side that said it’s only possible if he eats more than a teen heartthrob what do you mean the eating constantly eating eating a lot but also putting something in my mouth every two hours he ends up at a baby shower where he has to collect more children than Pennywise and I just don’t get how people were complaining about the spider movie and not wanting to see it because it was animated but they were cool with CGI baby even American Sniper had more self-respect than this I just really don’t get how a movie was postponed for so long and somehow the CGI still looks delayed after microwaving an infant he slabs the baby back ribs on a stretcher and goes to catch up with bat Fleck who’s been grappling to stay in the suit and they gave him the ugliest one to date I’ll take the bat nipples over this pantyhose year zero skin any day they catch up to the bad guys as Wonder Woman shows up in a Flash to save them and has a little cheeky moment with her lasso of truth it’s crazy to think that in her last movie it ended with Linda

the flash movie filmyhit

Carter making a Wonder Woman Cameo and now all gal does are Wonder Woman cameos but I like this little Easter egg of having her invisible jet in the background right there I’m Diana hi Barry I’m Diana that’s there was also a mental health line that Barry tells the Survivor about getting better help for her drama which has to be the most ironic line of the year like this dude blamed the justice league for not being good at that part boy neither is Warner he returns back to work where he continues to get bullied into getting coffee and he’s even getting picked on by his co-workers and YouTubers and even his love interests Iris has just been turned into a cloud chaser which I feel wasn’t the case in some of the other installments like if I was curiously I would have pulled a Barbie Ferreira Barry’s dad also got recast Before Time Lapse were even altered but it’s still behind bars since they haven’t been able to prove


the flash 2023 reddit

that he didn’t kill his wife that leads Barry to clean up more cam footage than Funko Pop critics in order to prove that his dad was at the store when the murder happened and Bruce Wayne is even helping him by leaving a flash drive that says confidential right outside this man’s door I know Affleck has said that this is his last run again but it’s crazy to think that this man has played Batman the most times on the big screen and never got his own Solo movie but I actually think that he delivers one of his best bat lines here where he tells Barry don’t live your past live your life I’ll bet your tragedy to find you then he gets in his five million dollar Maybach and skirts away that’s when Barry goes out for a run and realizes he can enter this thing called the speed force that’ll allow him to go back and alter things specifically his camp in an event which he puts extra emphasis on the can because he thinks it all has to do with soup


boy you’re a hero you can go stop your mama’s killer also I know it’s the chronobo but someone must have been smoking a chronobo if they think I’m going to repeat them one twice Barry then skims through bvs the ultimate Justice League and the Snyder cut until he ends up remixing Man of Steel just like WB wanted as he arrives right before the release of that movie after a dark being pushes him out of the speed force with his palms sweaty he arrives home to eat his mom’s spaghett only to vomit when he sees there’s a berry there already honestly I think Barry squared was the best part of the movie to the point that I’d even say he’s criminally good sometimes because he had So Much Chemistry they had So Much Chemistry I really liked the lesson of his older self becoming his own mentor and acknowledging how annoying he was in the previous movies because the 18 year old Barry is like Keanu if Bill and Ted had a baby and now that dead mom Barry has to sit and see what we saw man he’s ready to hit himself no


you don’t have time mom um what are you doing you’re gonna tattle now after giving himself the lme on the past DC movies they leave his room full of WB posters to go get zapped by lightning since it just so happens to be the night that Barry got his powers they set up the lab for them to get electrocuted and Shazam young b gets his powers but older Barry loses his after getting barbecued and yet the first thing young Ezra does is go out for a night on the town like they’re on a Hawaii vacation somehow Barry remembers the night of his powers but forgets that zod’s arrival was the next day and it turns out he was like Momo and fast sex and was just in the background the whole time also youngberry completely forgets he had a date with Iris they go back to his apartment to Google DC in hopes of finding another IP that can help them fix theirs but everyone’s gone because here time isn’t linear it’s whatever the studio


needs it to be and while the studio always needs a Batman the flashes run over to Wayne Manor where they meet Batman or at least the stunt guy playing him with some mop on his head at first after a 60 year old Bruce finishes moving faster than his 30 year old self he sits down with us to explain the Multiverse for what I believe is the fifth time in theaters like I know people keep trying to break this down like it’s primer when really it’s just primer for whatever’s coming next they use Cyborg’s cousin the bad computer to locate Superman’s whereabouts in this world and it sends them to Russia where the bad guys aren’t keeping Superman but it’s Prima Supergirl turns out she’s another crypto Refugee with a solar powered jawline who was sent to take care of Kal-El before James Gunn took over we try not to die they make it back to the bat cave where Supergirl recharges and Barry supercharges by Ben Franklin himself pretty much he’s pulling off Frankenstein in order to get his powers back which seems to be like the complete opposite of the movie’s themes and what it is to be a hero it’s like the Mario movie telling kids that they can do anything as long as our insurance Bruce resuits and grabs a sidekick alongside his Sidekicks just to get his side



kicked when they go find Zod I will find him he does not instead he gets halted by just this group of laid off Heroes who are already filming for their own archives Carl tried to hit him with the new suit who this but Barry’s new mask is so bad he looked like a rebate hero I can’t see [ __ ] [ __ ] out of this thing the big fight is then shot in the most boring Place possible and the gimmick is that they keep her winding like again I don’t know how effects age before the movie releases the director had even talked about how this is supposed to be the way the flash sees the world but even through Bruce’s view Cara’s view my AMC seats view every perspective sits as well as a Grimace Shake because what the muck is this they fight all of Zan’s goons as they snap more next than Clark Kent until zad stabs Supergirl and takes her powers and even Bruce has to pull up back Kamikaze just to get dusted by The Shield he tried to take down when I tell you this was the funniest and goofiest thing I’ve ever seen a Batman do [Music] and then they do it again Barry literally runs it back like that square button in the old man in games and he starts calling audibles only to rinse watch and repeat since Barry’s always too late to save the day so now we’re seeing CGI Batman get gutted by goons who’s even Superman could take down these two pull in some Kamehameha flashes and then the director remembering he cast for aura and then farewelling for Aura after playing death Loop for a couple of minutes they pull a dorm Mamu and re-enter the flash Zone and reveal that reverse flash that thing at the beginning is really just young Barry who couldn’t let go of his failure thus making this one of those movies where we don’t really have a


villain on screen then we get to the cameras listen I know flash fans hate people joking about this being a Batman movie but like we saw more wanes and soups than we did berries and considering the title and the timelines like they don’t really make sense they really should have Grant Austin a cameo Ezra even starred in The CW now he’s in videos that need a CW I’m not even gonna get into the debate of what companies can or cannot do because let’s be honest they’re gonna do whatever they want anyways but just judging on how they looked like what they served man calling them lifeless isn’t even scratching the surface they really weakened at Bernie Reeves for a shot of him just staring like I I know people defend these movies like they think they’re a part of the league but what does this do for the story The Character my sanity remember how they rolled out the Batmobile only to not use it man they really dusted off the CG Reeves like he was a prop man even the Nick Cage one R.I.P John schnepp why’d y’all make him


look so goofy if bat Keaton aged why not just like cage here in the suit in his age right now like this man’s such a big fan he owned issue one of Action Comics and he even named his son Kalel so there’s no reason why the Now official footage looks worse than the test footage from the 90s foreign I know that a lot of people would like pause their videos just to say oh we need to separate Ezra to focus on the movie which I believe are uh that Justice should be served for crimes but I think what really is the themes is how you know timelines and bringing up the past isn’t really the way to fix it and that was that was the marketing for the movie it’s that Barry learns that even though he lost his mother the dead should be left damn it I completely destroyed history Newberry Ops himself to save main Berry which is only crazy because he’s about to go back to remove the can but like according to the Noodle logic isn’t his timeline still intact and so removing the can would just create another timeline plus you’re leaving that youngberry’s Mom to now be the one without a child or or should we not be going that deep because honestly when you look at it young Barry started this whole thing by pushing him out at the beginning so really we we need to talk about Barry because I think he did it the screenwriter then types for Barry to go tell his dad to look up so that he can go back to the future and have his dad be released from prison once they have the tape proving his innocence as he walks out to reveal that now it’s George Clooney’s Batman pulling up to see him now look I may not like the stock cameos they


had but I am not that boring because Clooney’s Bruce Wayne is easily the smoothest one of them all like this man just oozes Swagger even if he had the worst Batman movie seven million never leave the cave without him that’s uh James already said that he ain’t gonna be the next Batman so it really just seems like a gag joke so they could trap the old DCU and the Nespresso verse here with Batman like even Michael Keaton was teased as possibly being the ending Batman that appears since he was going to be in Batgirl before that got cut for tax reasons so poor Keaton is dying in every timeline that BBS scene where flash comes back to tease and warn him about evil Superman in the future really should have been Barry warning him not to take this role because at this point they’re kind of like picking and choosing who stays so far it seems like they’re treating momoa’s Aquaman like Logan because Barry even tells him in the after credits that in every timeline it’s been the same hymns so like they don’t want to recast him but as for the rest of the league and bat Fleck they seem to have been lost in this Multiverse as the Snyder verse gets trapped in the bat nipple verse and all these Bruce Wayne’s get taken down by the thing they feared the most another gun foreign

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