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who knew that putting Dracula on a boat would go so poorly Universal’s newest stab at reimagining Dracula has arrived but what does the ending of the last Voyage of the Demeter mean for a possible franchise future before unpacking the film’s tense finale there are some important elements that influence the fates of the characters and their final bout with Dracula when the monster emerges each night he targets one crew member draining their blood so he can regain his power and strength in the night it rings our blood that he is on this ship picks off the crew one by one Dracula goes from being a frail corpse crawling out of the Shadows to a fearsome Beast with devastating power not only can Dracula turn the crew members into his mindless minions just by biting them but once he has

the last voyage of the demeter full movie

consumed enough blood he can grow wings and can fly by the time the crew comes to terms with the reality that they’re being hunted by a monster there’s only a handful of them left and they’ve been mentally and physically worn down they’ve witnessed most of their companions be slaughtered or turned against them by Dracula and Captain Elliott has even lost his grandson Toby to the Beast however crew member Clemens is able to Rally those who remain to form a new plan that’ll kill Dracula and keep him from reaching the mainland but their plan to leave Dracula stuck on the sinking Demeter doesn’t go as planned and leads to unimaginable bloodshed although Clemens plan to use Anna Dracula’s personal feeding source as bait to lure the creature out makes sense when he explains it Dracula also quickly catches on to what they’re up to Dracula not only kills most of the remaining crew leaving only Clemens and Anna alive but he causes so much chaos and destruction on the ship that it is now barreling towards the mainland

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eventually Dracula has Clemens in his claws and is on the verge of killing him until Anna steps in and frees him this also causes one of the masts to fall apart and pin Dracula into the middle of the ship unfortunately the monster is able to break free before the ship crashes into the mainland and flies away while Clemens and Anna float on debris just offshore while Clemens is hopeful that the two of them can make it to safety Anna’s eyes turning pale signifies that she succumbed to Dracula’s bite and will burst into flames when the Sun rises even though Clemens performed a blood transfusion on her it only delayed the inevitable Clemens is crushed by this realization but Anna has accepted her and thanks Clemens for helping her fight back against Dracula without fear she sits atop some debris and floats away from Clemens burning to death slowly when the Sun hits her skin although the newspaper headlines seen in

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the final moment state that there were no survivors aboard the Demeter we come to learn that there are actually two Clemens and Dracula Clemens has made it to Shore and is now the only surviving crew member of the ship while in England Clemens searches for Dracula who he believes is still out there somewhere and he has given some direction as to where the creature could be Clemens has now made it to his life’s goal to hunt and kill Dracula so that the world can be rid of this monster but he is unaware that he’s closer than he thinks to his vampiric enemy Clemens hears the knocking code used on the ship and feels that it’s coming from Dracula himself as a form of taunting suddenly Dracula is shown hiding his horrid face under some clothes and holding the cane that Clemens found in his coffin on the ship Dracula passes by Clemens causing him to leave his chair and follow him onto the streets now neither

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Dracula nor Clemons is afraid to make their presence known to each other and their Newfound rivalry begins when the crew talks about what they plan to spend the money earned from the trip on Clemens delivers a vastly different answer instead of wanting to spend it on a new place to live or other Pleasures he says he doesn’t care about the money and hopes to gain a better understanding of the world from his travels although he’s scoffed at by most of the crew there’s a deeper more personal reason behind this that plays into Clemens pursuit of Dracula at the end when further explaining his experience as a black man Clemens talks about how he’s been looked over simply because of the color of his skin you dress like a learned man University of Cambridge I know my way around the boat his getting a great education and being a highly high-least doctor he was he was right rejected for being black causing him to

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become disillusioned by people and the world this explains why Clemens is so obsessed with exploring and trying to gain a better understanding of the world this mindset also influences his interest in Dracula a being that goes against his more logical thinking and scientific views now that Clemens knows that this monstrous entity exists in the world he wishes to understand its motives and Origins so that he can defeat it and prove himself to those who have doubted him the ending of Demeter also establishes a pretty Grim reality for the world and Dracula’s appearance is a bad Omen for Humanity not only is Dracula free and living amongst the humans but so far no one knows how to kill him even though Clemens survived his fight against Dracula on the Demeter he isn’t aware of how to defeat the vampire since Anna didn’t have the answer and none of the weapons they used did anything further if something as monstrous as Dracula exists who knows what other Horrors and evil creatures could exist in this world too evil is

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walking around freely and this could have damning consequences however there are people like Clemons who are willing to put everything on the line to stop evil entities like Dracula Clemens is portrayed as the Van Helsing surrogate in this story and he pledges his life to find and kill Dracula no matter what it takes even when Clemens is near death fighting Dracula he shows that he isn’t afraid of him and his further pursuit of him is meant to act as a reminder of how evil can and should be fought against while there are powerful entities out there that represent the same kind of evil that Dracula does there’s always a way to fight back perhaps the biggest question posed by the end of the film is whether we could see more of this world given how this film concludes there’s certainly room for a

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sequel or even a prequel to be made with Clemens now on a lifelong mission to kill Dracula a sequel could see these two at each other’s throats again Clemens could be seen trying to help another Community that’s been terrorized by Dracula or searching for answers on how to kill this demonic entity we could also possibly get a prequel that fleshes out Dracula’s backstory or show Dracula controlling Anna’s Village given that the film is set in the world of Bram Stoker’s Dracula other installments could easily be created to adapt other parts of the novel and further flesh out this world while the film has clear goals for its future there are things that could keep it from reaching them the first obstacle the film needs to overcome is it’s opening weekend at the box office it releases at a time when both Barbie and Oppenheimer still have a hold over the box office and there’s plenty of competition from the summer


Blockbusters the early projections for Demeter range from about 6 to 11 million which wouldn’t put it in Striking Distance of either film based on what they’re projected to earn the film will desperately need some good word of mouth and strong legs to have a good box office run the next factor in Demeter being a success is if moviegoers like it critics so far haven’t been too fond of the film but the audience is often the driving force behind a film’s success the last hurdle for Demeter is the competition from other vampire films including another from Universal themselves eternals director Chloe Zhao has a Dracula film on the way for Universal and Pablo Lorraine’s vampire film El Conde is coming to Netflix in September so there’s a lot of competition that could steal the film’s Thunder and keep it from its future and ambitions it’s no secret that Universal has been doing everything it can to bring its classic monsters back into the Limelight for Years After the Dark Universe joined the other failed cinematic universes Universal faced an uphill struggle however through films like the Invisible Man and Renfield they’ve seen that there are ways to bring their monsters back without the need for a connected Cinematic Universe Demeter isn’t explicitly Universal’s

attempt to bring one of their classic monsters back to life but it could easily be seen as a way for Dracula’s cinematic Legacy to continue do exist exists since Renfield fell flat at the box office the door is wide open for another Dracula story to become Universal’s next big horror franchise focused on the character with the closing moments of Demeter seeing Clemens begin his pursuit of Dracula the story could easily continue in a sequel while recent depictions of Dracula have highlighted some of his more Charming characteristics or put a comedic spin on his presence Demeter takes the character back to his horror Roots instead of being seen as this unsuspecting charmer with a hypnotizing power Dracula is shown here to be more of an escaped demon from Hell his teeth are disfigured and sharpened to quickly draw blood from his victims and he has a pale emaciated look by the time Dracula reaches his final form at


the end of the film he looks even more demonic evil that appears as a man when it wants to hide its true nature and that night he feeds on the blood of the innocent however what’s most interesting about this portrayal of Dracula is that he doesn’t change his look when trying to hide among humans when he is shown in the final moments of the film he’s just wearing clothes that slightly obscure his face to help him blend in this suggests that instead of using charm and Suave looks to control those around him this Dracula relies more on fear intimidation and force to


control others a relatively fresh take on a classic monster along with a new physical depiction of Dracula the ending of Demeter also establishes some interesting new Mythos surrounding the character and his new pursuer Clemens with this Dracula using fear and intimidation to maintain his power we get a more beastly monster who views his victims as disposable sources of food rather than people he’s much more dangerous than ever before and the minions he creates with the virus from his bite are much more violent and destructive than ever before when olgaren gets possessed he’s shown to be very zombie-like and will go to any length to do Dracula’s bidding let’s not forget the fact that anyone with Dracula’s blood in them will be consumed by Flames by the time morning comes around further evidence that becoming Dracula’s minion is deadlier than ever in Clemens we get a new type of Van Helsing rather than have a background as a hunter or someone who’s been tormented by Dracula for many years his Feud with Dracula is fresh and his background as a doctor gives him new ways of fighting the monster’s control these elements give the film a sense of familiarity but a newness as well and the ending puts its own spin on the classic Mythos in a way that feels exciting and interesting

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