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more Megs massive other monsters and a lot of jokes that’s the approach meg2 the trench takes for the super shark size sequel but does this Chum of ideas make sense in the end warning spoilers for meg2 ahead in a memorable exchange my King Kong parody in The Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horror 3 some familiar characters talk about how they’re all headed towards the dangerous ape Island I wish we were going to Candy Apple Island candy apple Island what do they got there Apes but they’re not so big a cindely misleadingly named Islanders at the center of the finale for meg2 the trench a trio of Megalodons to send on fun Island a coaster Resort where everyone’s dipping their toes in the water and enjoying lavish festivities these vacationers get way more prehistoric shark action than they’d ever imagined on top of all that a kraken also emerges from the Subterranean domain of the trench along with a

the meg 2 full movie netflix

bunch of carnivorous lizards that can travel on land Jonas Taylor and his friends descend on the island to help the populace and use ramshackle weapons to destroy the underwater creatures though plenty of innocence and villains get chomped on in all the Carnage Taylor eventually kills two of the mechs the final surviving Beast which is Raising captivity by Joo Ming Zhang eventually just swims away presumably out of loyalty to its Master the day has been saved and everyone can relax on the beach in a bid to differentiate itself from the original Meg Meg 2 the trench loads up its climax with tons of Larger than Life beasties Beyond just megalodons however much like an ancient shark eating too many partygoers at once Meg 2 eventually bites off more than they can chew there’s just too much happening in the finale which leaves an already disjointed feature feeling even more slab Dash by the end the camera quickly Cuts back and forth between various sharks eating people before hastily remembering there’s also a

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crackhead in trying to do too much the finale of Meg 2 ends up serving an abundance of elements poorly even with tantalizing Concepts like a showdown between a Megalodon and a kraken Meg 2 is just juggling too many plates to flesh out at zany ideas to their full potential meanwhile the human element of meg2 gets lost in all the hoopla the corporate espionites are dominated the first two acts of the story gets shoved off to the side for the climax with main body driscolli getting quickly killed off in a moment crimped from Dennis nedri’s demise in Jurassic Park [Music] if what you want is a lot of noise a climax of Meg 2 certainly offers up lots of Critters and CGI Jonas Taylor is not a character who evolves or grows much in either Meg movie much like various characters inhabited by Jean-Claude Van Damme and so many other action stars of yesteryear he’s a vessel to show off the coolness of a specific actor Taylor was essentially a physical manifestation of all the calm-headed authority Jason Statham can muster he

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doesn’t have any discernible character flaws at the start of Meg II the trench with his first scene in the film depicting him selflessly trying to stop criminals who are polluting the ocean from there he acts quickly whenever there’s danger afoot and tries to act as a father to youngster Mae Ying Zhang even in the most Shrine circumstances with all this in mind it shouldn’t be a surprise at the finale of Meg 2 doesn’t offer up any opportunities for Taylor to grow he’s just as growly and prone to self-deprecating comedic lines once two of those big sharks are dead just as he was at the start of the very first Meg movie little no doubt for straight folks searching for any tangible drama within meg2 But Die Hard Jason Statham fans will be comforted to see the performer inhabiting a consistent Persona to the very last frame of this sequel in the original the maggot took shocks to take down a shark jodus Taylor wounded the film’s massive Megalodon enough to get it to spew out blood that attracted a swarm of ordinary sized sharks there’s always strength in numbers and the multitude of sharks were able to Chow Down on the wounded Megalodon although

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Taylor had a hand in this beats demise he was by no means a sole reason the monster was destroyed the original Meg seemed to propose that forces of nature were the only way to eliminate a massive animal man-made technology was truly powerless in the face of prehistoric Primal power Meg 2 the trench goes in the opposite direction though this time man-made devices are the ultimate way of disposing of massive monsters Taylor concocts a bomb that Slaughters one of these animals while another is impaled on a massive blade that a hero puts in just the right place even the final Megalodon is only stopped from munching down three of The League characters because of juming’s training if the initial Meg presented a glib vision of how human intervention could fare in the face of massive sharks the ending of Meg II paints so much Rose your picture of showdowns between human beings and the prehistoric monsters it seems like a bevy of massive underwater beasts isn’t enough to provide a challenge for the protagonists of meg2 because screenwriters John hober Eric hober and Dean torgeris also created a human body to throw down with Jonas Taylor this foe comes on the character of Montes played by Sergio Perez menchetta he’s a criminal that

 the meg 2 full movie online 123movies, reddit

Taylor previously sent to a two-year stint in prison for crimes committed in the Philippines years later Montes has hankering for revenge and has his opportunity once he crosses paths with Taylor in the trench even as Taylor and Company scramble to survive in the deepest parts of the ocean Montez keeps serving as a violent thorn in their side eventually Montez travels to fun Island for the finale having risen to the surface he’s got a troop of soldiers by sight and is preparing to have a final showdown with Taylor though he’s the biggest land-bound threat to Our Heroes his presence in the climax doesn’t ultimately amount to much Montez and Taylor face off on appear with Taylor

shooting Montez and drawing out blood that attracts one of the Megalodons Taylor proceeds to push Montez off the pier and into the mouth of the hungry Beastie of course Taylor can’t help but Capital off with a pun one of the main differences between the first movie and Meg 2 is the larger emphasis on Comedy the Meg was by no means a serious movie and this comedic element seems to have inspired Ben Wheatley and the screenwriters to go even broader with the humor this is especially true during the over-the-top climax it’s in this sequence that the returning character DJ delivers some very lengthy gags ultimately DJ’s main purpose is to provide some comic relief to all of the violence and Carnage an example being the long string of condoms he keeps in his survival pack this was a bad idea just a

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oment to exchange jokes about bad ideas for how to take out the Megalodons all while the beasts are chowing down on Taurus in the background the heavy emphasis on jokes oftentimes even more so than the shark Carnage is clearly a conscious choice on the part of the creators perhaps it was done to avoid drawing unintended loves from Bots drama however whether or not lingering on shots of condoms poured out to or could moments of the satisfying move for a shark movie will depend on the taste of individual viewers when an audience says first meet you Ming Zhang is experimenting with a state-of-the-art exosuit it’s designed to allow him to travel to the bottom of the ocean but given that this technology also gives him enough enhanced strength to punch pieces off gigantic cinder blocks it’s clear the EXO suits have a lot of potential once our heroes are trapped in the bowels of the trench the EXO suits are critical to the team and navigating the sea floor however Beyond this sequence in the movie they don’t play much of a role in the story this includes a lengthy finale which sends everybody to fun Island since they’re on dry land there isn’t much use for the suits meanwhile the

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enhanced strength function of this futuristic Tech never comes into play despite it being a potentially useful tool when humans are squaring off against a kraken and giant sharks the heavy presence of EXO suits in the initial scenes of the trench makes it seem like this breakthrough technology will play a big role in the film’s finale however this ending has no room to pay off that technological Marvel it seems like in the last 20 years or so every action movie is required to tease a sequel or at least set up the next entry in the franchise Meg 2 doesn’t follow that Trend and takes the route of bringing its story to a pretty definitive conclusion the end of the film sees the surviving characters all resting up on a beach sipping drinks and Jonas Taylor offering up a toast to dolphins the only major development is that DJ now has an Entourage of beautiful women following him around after his efforts to save the day of course a

meg 2 cast

trench does keep one Megalodon alive which could be a tease for a third film plus the trench is still around same for all of the larger than life monsters residing inside those lingering elements are the closest thing meg2 offers up a sequel teasers otherwise this ending is a completely Standalone Affair but that doesn’t mean there’s nowhere to go for more Mega Adventures after all these movies are based on a long-running series of novels by Steve Alton that have now spanned eight installments additionally books like Primal Waters have used tropes like time jumps to keep Jonas Taylor Saga going though the films use the novels as a springboard for Original Stories there’s plenty of material from other books in the series to help stir up ideas for new movies if audiences show up in droves for meg2 Warner Brothers will definitely turn to Alton’s books for story ideas foreign

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